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F56: Erased iDrive Service Records


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I am seeking assistance from those who may be able to provide support in the following matter.
I endeavored to modify the Service History of my sibling's Mini 2018 F56 vehicle via the utilization of the Blackbox Service History Manager.
I have successfully used this product on my BMW 116d, with really satisfactory results.
The vehicle displayed no issues on its dashboard, but, with the reboot of the Head Unit, the functionality to access the Service History feature was no longer available.
It is evident that he is displeased with my actions, prompting me to explore the possibility of restoring our previous rapport.

Is there any known method to do this task?
Perhaps considering the use of HU-ServiceManager might be a viable alternative. Alternatively, is it possible to establish a connection with the iDrive module using Tool32/E-Sys?

I am willing to attempt any advise that is offered.

I would want to express my gratitude in advance.

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Very well.
An alternative approach was used by using the HU_ServiceManager.
The Java software was successfully downloaded and afterwards configured by modifying the configuration file to specify its location, as well as adjusting the Ediabas folder accordingly.
The NBTEVO.prg file was transferred from the ISTA files to the Ediabas ECU folder.
When establishing a connection with the automobile, it successfully establishes a connection with the Head Unit.
An effort was made to compose the PDI entry, which indicates that it is satisfactory.
The HU was restarted through the HU-ServiceManager, but, the corresponding record is not there.
The option to show Service History, as seen in the above screenshot, is absent.
Is there a method known to retrieve this item?
Perhaps one might consider use E-Sys or Tool32 to do a diagnostic assessment of the HU.
Is it possible that this may be resolved by adjusting a configuration setting?
Any kind of aid would be much appreciated.


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After much effort, the problem has finally been resolved.

The Service_History function was activated during the verification process using BimmerCode.

I used the HU-Service Manager platform to execute a deletion operation followed by an addition operation involving the first item, namely PDI.
It is advisable to initiate a reboot of the hardware unit (HU) and software prior to attempting the addition of the second item.

Everything is currently present.

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Thank you for sharing your research results on the forum. It seems that there was a limited understanding of how to resolve this issue, as seen by the paucity of responses. Consequently, this information will be very valuable to those who encounter a similar problem.

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It is posited that there was a problem pertaining to the communication between HU-Service Manager and Java.
Upon pressing the 'Connect to HU' button, the fields were filled as expected. However, no output was seen in the Java window.
Upon being activated once again, Java immediately became operational.
Subsequently, one is capable of accessing the initial service.
then, it was necessary for me to close HU-Service Manager and then reopen it in order to include the subsequent entry.
It is advisable for those using the service to make a record of the current Service History prior to continue.

It would be beneficial to have input from those who have encountered a similar situation and successfully addressed it.
It is possible that the compatibility of the Java version may not be fully optimal.

It is advised to refrain from using the Blackbox Service History Manager software for the F56 chassis, since it is incompatible with this particular model. The application in question seems to be outdated and maybe lacks the appropriate .prg files for compatibility with the Head Unit.

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