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Reducing Your Engine's Carbon Footprint.


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Thanks for the helpful YouTube video; I've sent it to a friend in Cape Town who fixes Hillman Imps, since he often works with vintage vehicles like the one shown.

There used to be a gadget you could purchase that would constantly inject water into your engine in the hopes of burning gasses that wouldn't burn without the water. On days when there is a lot of moisture in the air, as when it's raining or extremely humid, I've found that older automobiles perform better. Do any of you guys remember these?

As far as I know, they were taken off the market because their valves would melt at the higher temperatures. Possibly the water formed when hydrogen and oxygen atoms split. Have any thoughts on this?

I also just read that there are plans to construct hydrogen filling stations around the UK and that we will be driving 100% hydrogen-powered automobiles by 2015? Imagine a R8 powered by hydrogen; can you conffim it?

I first heard about it on AOL News.

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If it were my automobile, I'd be extremely careful about doing that.

My highly tuned Bora benefitted greatly with diesel rhino, and I've been using it in my smoke-prone A4 ever since I acquired it. I can't say enough good things about this item; it enables you to utilize Asda's inexpensive gasoline without contaminating your engine. It contains cetain boosters that improve the fuel's combustion quality, allowing it to burn cleaner than competing brands like Shell Vpower.

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Isn't it amazing that Jim's addition, Rhino, makes gas from the grocery store burn cleaner?

For as long as I can remember, I've had the sneaking suspicion that the gasoline they manufacture must be of a worse quality than what's sold at the stations owned by the company.

When it comes to the fuel of high-tech engines, I have heard conflicting information. Some high-end Mercedes owners have told me that they are not allowed to use Redex for Diesels because it can clog certain systems or special filters.

I used to throw everything and everything into the back of my Nissan Terrano (London Taxi type engine) and it never gave me any trouble.

Does Audi back the Rhino platform? And if they do, where can one get it?

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However, I don't use redex with every gallon of diesel since I've never had any issues. The first week with a new automobile is prime time for me to do this. When I was doing 1100 miles a week, I'd go through a bottle every 3,000 miles, but now I just need one bottle to fill up both of my gas tanks. One was done when I first bought my Audi 4,000 miles ago, and another was done shortly before she was serviced last weekend. Still, it hasn't stopped us 😉 The gasoline system should be flushed every so often. You wouldn't believe what came out of my fuel filter until you saw the photographs (coming soon)!

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Thanks for the link, I just bought the 500 ml bottle to test it out and will upgrade to the 2.5 liter if it does the trick. It cost me $22.50 including shipping; can I get it in auto shops like Halfords? I

If you know the owner well and think he would be willing to have this posted on his website(s), please contact us and let us know. We manage a few websites that sell to the motor home user market.

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No, oil won't work in PD engines since their injectors are designed to operate differently from those in conventional engines.

They're working on getting it into retail outlets like auto parts stores and gas stations, but for the time being, the only place to get it is from them directly or a single station in the Ron area.

I don't know Ron personally, but we've had a few conversations about stocking this item at the Euro Car Parts store in Trafford Park. You may contact him on my behalf by sending me a Private Message or an email with your information.

When I first started driving, I only used BP Ultimate Diesel since I noticed that other brands, such as those sold at Asda, Tesco, etc., caused my car's engine to run roughly and produce more smoke. I briefly switched to Miller's diesel power ecomax a few years ago, but I've since switched back to premium diesel. I decided to give the Diesel rhino a try after reading about it in a few online communities, and I haven't looked back. It's a no-brainer when you consider how much more expensive premium gasoline is compared to Diesel rhino.

It's possible that the first couple of tanks may have somewhat more smoke than usual, but that's simply the system settling down. You'll notice results after following the instructions included in the brochure that will arrive with your bottle (typically within 48 hours of ordering).


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