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The F36 vehicle is experiencing difficulties in starting its engine, namely related to the drivetrain and fuel supply system.


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The vehicle in question had a sudden cessation of functionality shortly after departing from the driveway, originally leading the user to suspect a potential issue with the start-stop system. Subsequently, the vehicle has failed to initiate the cranking process. Several errors were encountered.
The occurrence of a drivetrain malfunction.
The provision of fuel The user's text contains an error.
The brake system is an essential component of a vehicle's overall safety mechanism. It is responsible for slowing down or stopping the vehicle by

The individual had a failure and was unable to start their vehicle. They determined that the problem was not related to electricity, since a voltage measurement of 12.8V was obtained and the vehicle still failed to start.

Postscript: Approximately one week before, while operating a motor vehicle, the driver experienced a sudden jolt and afterwards received an error message related to the drivetrain. The driver attempted to resolve the issue by turning the vehicle off and on again, and has since driven a distance of 200 miles without further incident. At the time, the driver did not attach any significance to this occurrence.

Do you have any suggestions on potential starting points for excavation?

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Which equipment was used for the scanning process? Generic readers, which I assume were used to extract data, might potentially provide incorrect information on BMW vehicles.
To ensure more specificity, it is recommended that a comprehensive vehicle scan using ISTA be conducted.
It is advisable to inspect the fuses as a potential cause for the loss of communication, if indeed that is the problem. In addition to the primary fuse box, it is also necessary to consider the fuses located on the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

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I just had my vehicle transported to my residence and would want to begin by inspecting all fuses connected to gasoline, drivetrain, and the electronic control unit (ECU). However, I am currently unable to locate any comprehensive diagrams or listings of these fuses. Could you please provide any relevant sources or references? Greetings

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After conducting a thorough examination, I have verified the integrity of all connections, repositioned the DDE (Digital Diesel Electronics), evaluated the functionality of the Relay, re-inspected all fuses, including those next to the Relay and inside the IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor) red box located near the rear battery. Based on my assessment, all components seem to be in satisfactory condition. There continues to be a lack of contact with the DDE. This situation is causing me significant distress. Are there any more recommendations that you can provide? I am inclined to posit that adopting a novel Direct Drive Extruder (DDE) represents the only viable solution. However, a fraction of my perspective remains convinced that the underlying problem may be attributed to either a power-related or grounding-related matter.

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Thank you for your assistance. I have reviewed all of the items and they seem to be satisfactory. I am now endeavoring to investigate the root cause of fault 8040B1, which pertains to the wake-up line connecting to the IBS sensor. Is it feasible to implement measures to prevent the DDE from initiating wake-up events?

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