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The m276 torque settings for the NOx sensor


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Hi everybody,

My vehicle is a 2011 Mercedes C350 with a m276 engine. I need to replace my NOx sensor because of a problem. I have a couple of inquiries.

Does someone have the NOx sensor 3 torque settings? Is STAR programming required, or can I simply remove the error and go on and use it?

Earlier than expected thanks, please.

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As a general rule, yes.
After cleaning and clearing the threads, insert the sensor and turn it in until it is flush with the housing. You may recycle one in thirds.
Alternatively consult the NGK O2 sensor experts who MB hired to do it (NOx sensors) "right" as the chassis is identical:-. Adjust the torque according the guidelines below:

    M18 sensors (threaded sensors of 18mm diameter) - Tighten the O2 sensor socket to 26-33 foot-pounds by hand before giving it a half turn to a full turn with a wrench.
    M12 sensors (threaded sensors, 18 mm in diameter) Wrench/O2 sensor socket, 13.2–17 ft. lbs., finger tight installation, then 3/4–1 turn.
    Remember the old nursing adage, "Steady as she goes," and tighten everything just as much as necessary to avoid crushing the sealing washer on the new sensor.

Yes, they must be SCN coded in with a Star, but some small businesses pay to have this done by Autologic, which offers remote wifi program assistance.

Tuercas viejas

Andele pues


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I appreciate your reply.

I was not aware of the significance of the SCN code. Let me ask you a few questions then.

Some time ago, the NOx sensor on bank 1 failed. A local repair shop had it almost brand new when I discovered it. He probably just fixed the mistakes. The bank 2 NOx sensor was defective again after 500 miles, according to the error message. Using the same independent garage, I purchased a secondhand NOx sensor on eBay (it's possible the mechanic doesn't have star or didn't disclose it), and I had it replaced. At the 500-mile mark, I was met with the identical issue at bank 2. Today, a buddy and I planned to swap out our NOx sensors, but we discovered that the torque wrench wouldn't fit, necessitating the use of an offset lamda socket. But if it requires programming, then I could make the same mistake again if I switch out the sensor. Do you know how much a dealer would charge to put the software in for you?


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This response is somewhat extensive.
First of all, tell me how the faulty upstream NOx sensor was identified.
There have been at least four versions that I am aware of on this side, but the newest and greatest has an NGK sensor tip linked to a Bosch solid state box approximately halfway up the cord, and this setup generates its very own computer page. What is the component number listed on the box's reverse side?
Let's say the new part was better than the old one, but it still required SCN coding after installation so that it could communicate with the engine control module (ECM).
The upstream NOx sensor must provide NOx information in LIVE DATA., and the automobile must re-generate automatically after around 30 miles of driving once the technology has been implemented.
If there is almost any measurable signal, either air is leaking into the "zorst system upstream or the Cat is blocked. The EBP and diff pressure sensor data should then be validated in HPa.
So you go back to the store to find out what happened..
When doing a road test, if upstream is confirmed to be functioning, what is the function of the rear NOx sensor?
When the system is functioning, the two numbers should be added together, and there should be at least a 50% decrease throughout the SCR cat.
More than 75% decrease is possible with new sensors and an SCR cat.
So far, we've been able to prove at least that it's functional by touching the scan tool and printing out the numbers as you drive with an aide.
According to your description, the system "sees" after a number of drive cycles that the two sensors are not SCN coded and can't "talk" to one another.
It's like attempting to go on a date with a stunning foreign beauty if you can't communicate with her in her own language. Exists confusion! Oh my, Mr. Smoothy, you blew a golden chance.

Third Proposition and Question
Adblue DEF fluid MUST be injected into the system as necessary for NOx reduction to take place.
A bidirectional scan tool was also used to verify fluid injection into the SCR cat through the DEF pump.The pump has to be able to produce 5000 HPa, have the pressure backed down by the return system, and have an operating pressure of around 3600 HPa.
These are crucial, as is making sure the DEF fluid has the right specific gravity and that the dosing injector hasn't been clogged with crystals.

So, here's the useful
Certainly, you can use an O2 plug. Use a long knuckle bar and opt for a cranked approach; don't tinker with it.
When I'm sure the sensor is bad, I'll occasionally just snip the wires at the end of the harness and use a double-depth 1/2-inch socket to pry the thing out.
If the boss is stuck, you may require a penetrant like Plus Gas and a plumber's MAP gas torch to loosen it.
About what would a shop charge once installed? About $250, including programming and a road test to verify the system's performance; the client receives and keeps the test printouts on the completed R/O.
I'm hoping that clarifies things for you.

Best wishes👍

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Here we are again asking the same thing. Do you know for sure that the Nox sensors in this gasoline m276 engine do not need a SCN recode or ECU update? Changing the sponsors and erasing the error messages should get me back on track, right?

I'm asking again since I just replaced two Nox sensors (both used from eBay) and I'm still experiencing issues. Mercedes informed me they need to be coded, but after driving about for a while I was able to get the error messages back up. I was wondering whether it was the Nox sensor or something else in bank 2 that was causing the issue, as I know the one in bank 1 works.

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