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Discovery II 16" wheels and tyres or 18" tyres


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Hello there,

So I've been looking and researching for a suspension/tire setup for about 2 weeks now. I presently have 18" standard wheels. Discovery II bone stock from the year 2000. I'm definitely buying a lift kit, but I'm not sure what kind. 2" or 3"? Suggestions are always appreciated. I figured I should start with wheels/tires.

Should I?

(A) Keep the 18" wheels but go with a bigger tyre TBD. 265/75/18?

(B) Purchase 16" wheels and receive 265/75/16 tyres. If so, what is the breadth of the wheel? I'd want black. Do you have any suggestions?

I've been considering Goodyear Duratrac tyres. I've heard good stuff about them. They seem to be capable of handling themselves off-road. This will be used on a daily basis. I already know I'm going to lift it. If necessary, I will modify the bumper. If necessary. What exactly do I need to shave?

While installing new pads and rotors, you may as well add longer stainless lines.

I'm hoping for a response along the lines of "this is what you should buy for your disco..."

Sorry for being such a newbie!!!

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It's a good idea to opt for a smaller 16-inch rim if off-roading is in your future. Having more affordable options for R16 tyres is a bonus. I looked on craigslist and found a set of D2 16" wheels from a disco that was being dismantled. I went with the OME system, which included 751s up front and 781s in the back, and gained 2.5 inches all around. I also had the brake lines lengthened with steel braiding. It's possible that the old rubber ones were becoming rather fatigued after 8 years, so I figured I may as well buy additional length for the same money. The 265/75R16 Dick Cepek Mud terrains were what I sported. I was able to get a fair price from Discount Tyre Direct ($206) and then had the nearby Town Fair Tyre match it, saving me an additional 5%. Additionally, mounting, etc. The free rotations and roadside assistance are worth it, however whether or not a punctured sidewall caused by a rock is covered yet to be seen. But if it occurs, I will do my best. These tyres are great off-road and perform well on paved roads as well. If you have any questions concerning my setup, feel free to send me a private message. You may see the finished product in few photos in my album.

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I regret not being able to continue this conversation. I'm been getting slaughtered at work. But, I can ask this short inquiries. What kind of existence can you anticipate from MT versus AT?

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It depends on the MT and AT that we are discussing, how much things you load in the Rover, the state of the vehicle, the terrain that you travel on, etc. etc. etc.

However, on general, an average AT will outlive an MT by about half times as long as the MT.

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