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Where is the auxiliary battery located in the 2018 RR L405?

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Hello everyone, I need your assistance, please! I have been looking extensively for the auxiliary battery but have been unable to find it. I opened the side panel of the cargo area as shown in a YouTube video.
2018 Range Rover L405
Thank you!

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Certain versions, like as my 2016 model, are equipped with a start/stop module in place of a traditional battery. I lack knowledge about which models possess certain features and the reasons behind them.

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The Gap IID tool is unable to read code due to a backup battery problem. I purchased a new one but am unsure of its proper placement.

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There is no available space to store it. The car lacks one. The Auto Stop/Start is powered by a capacitor instead. The item should be located on the passenger side wall of the rear cargo compartment behind the trim.

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The infotainment system and cluster are rebooting every minute. I suspect it may be due to a problem with the auxiliary battery. The car was parked in the garage for four years from 2019 to 2023. A buddy replaced the battery, but the exact actions taken are unknown. A dealer then installed a new battery. The cost to repair the problem is estimated to be above $10,000. I purchased a GAP insurance policy with Breakdown and Theft coverage. Here is the policy code:


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Vehicle: L405 - Range Rover 2018 Scanned on: 19-02-2024 at 10:10 Tool used: IIDTool BT V4.0 B3907-83

AAM stands for Audio Amplifier Module.

    Code B1D9F-11 indicates a short circuit to ground in the Engine Speed Input circuit.

BCM stands for Body Control Module.

    U2300-54 (2F) Central Configuration lacks calibration.

CHCM stands for Chassis Control Module.

    C1131-92 (2E) Air Supply - issue with performance or inappropriate operation
    C1A20-64 (AF) Slow pressure increase during reservoir filling - plausibility failure signal

IPC stands for Instrument Panel Cluster Control Module.

    The code P060A-08 (6C) indicates issues with the Internal Control Module Monitoring Processor Performance related to Bus Signal / Message Failures.

TCU stands for Telematic Control Unit Module.

    U2109-09 (AF) Back-up Battery - Component Failures

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