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Unable to recognise my R129 suspension.

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Hello everyone
I need assistance in locating information on my self-leveling suspension system. I have details about the rear shocks and setup, but I am unable to discover a similar system to mine. I have extensively researched several forums and all available information on R129 suspension. Can anybody provide information on this image? It shows the top of the front strut from the engine compartment.
Thank you

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The vehicle has had a complete accident, causing the front to be about 2 inches off the ground. The tyres are positioned below the wheel arch rim. There are no oil leaks around the shocks, and the shock bump stop rubbers and dust covers are deteriorated. Should I loosen the tubing at the top of the shock to see what is occurring?

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Do not detach the pipe until adjusting the front struts.

What significance does the automobile have for you? How would you assess your proficiency in using a spanner? Sorting out the issue will likely be costly if you hire a technician or time-consuming and need a systematic approach if you want to do it yourself.

Visit https://r129ads.freevar.com/general.html Inspect the fluid level in the reservoir and confirm that the pump is returning fluid to the reservoir before forming an opinion.

I am willing to assist to the best of my ability. I possess diagnostic manuals and enough information. Please provide your email address for me to give them to you.

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First, some background information on me.
My proficiency in mechanical work is due to my upbringing around automobiles and learning from my mechanic father. I repaired cars on my own until I could afford professional garage services. My profession is electronics engineering, but I am now retired. I still sometimes design and create electrical components, and I also have knowledge of hydraulics.
Having had the automobile for more than two decades, I am eager to continue using it.
I have bought new strut bumpers and dust shields since the old ones are worn out. I will need to remove the strut nonetheless. I have reviewed the information provided in the link you sent, and it encompasses everything I have come across in the links I have located, however in a more comprehensive and lucid manner. Thank you for that.

Visit the following link for information on a ride height issue with a non-US version of the vehicle: https://www.benzworld.org/threads/ads

After lifting the vehicle and turning the wheels from one extreme to the other, I saw that the dashboard light turns off. Following your advice, I inspected the fluid level and return line, confirming that the fluid is at the maximum level. However, no fluid is being discharged from the return line even at 2,000 revolutions per minute.
I value your assistance and guidance, since I prefer not to duplicate efforts. Advice on a systematic approach would be welcomed.:)

My email address is [email protected]

Richard, I appreciate your time and patience. I acknowledge the extent to which you have assisted other members with their problems.

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You seem to possess the skill and resolve necessary to address this matter effectively, which is crucial before we begin any physical work.

The absence of return fluid is a problem due to the lack of electronic control in the ADS1 tandem power steering and suspension pump, resulting in a constant flow of fluid to the main valve with any surplus being sent back to the reservoir. To bleed the pump after running dry, locate the high-pressure line leading from the pump to the ADS main valve, situated on the right side of the engine bay. This valve can be observed from the wheel arch after removing the liner. Remove the line at the valve and put the end in a bucket or container. Make sure you have an aid on standby to refill the reservoir if the level drops. Once fluid flow is detected, we can confirm the pump is operational and proceed to bleed the valve and adjust the height. However, it is not necessary to do so until the pump is functioning properly. You may need to increase the engine speed slightly to about 2,000 RPM, ideally to witness fluid movement before reattaching the line to the valve. It could increase the next time you start the engine, but I don't want to make assumptions since there might be other reasons why it may not climb. The system operates under high pressure and low flow conditions using ZH-M fluid. This fluid is available from MB dealers, although the Febi 02615 fluid is a more cost-effective alternative that provides the same performance.

Do you own a blink code reader that can be connected to your 16-pin diagnostic port? It would be beneficial when we reach the stage of electrical diagnostics.

I will email you some further information.

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I disconnected the line in the photo I received from a video, but just a little amount of fluid came out. I will follow your instructions to locate the correct line and attempt to disconnect it again for confirmation. I have a custom-made blink code reader for identifying issues with the soft top. I will contact you after I have obtained the oil and finished the testing.


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