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2021 GLA - The Traffic Sign Assist feature is displaying an incorrect speed limit on the vehicle's display.


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I purchased a 2021 GLA 200D AMG Line six weeks ago, which had a low mileage and a satisfactory specification.
Residing in France, I own a left-hand drive (LHD) automobile. Initially, I found it quite daunting to adapt to driving while seated on the left side. I often had difficulty in accurately parking, often ending up two feet to the right of my intended spot.
I am currently satisfied with the automobile, save for the fact that the traffic sign recognition system is really poor.
The displayed speed on MBUX sometimes inaccurately indicates a higher value than the actual speed limit, such as showing 70km/h instead of the correct 50km/h restriction in a town.
It has an accuracy rate of around 50%.
The GLA was substituted by a Ford SMax Vignale, which has speed sign recognition.
The GLA produced more faults than the other automobile, which was manufactured in 2017.
I had higher expectations for Mercedes in 2021.
I have deactivated the option.
Is anybody else experiencing the same issues?

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In brief, the answer is NO. A more extensive response will be provided below...

Various specification levels have distinct devices that function in varying ways to recognise speed limit signs. For instance, the simple specification limit recognition system relies just on cameras, but the more sophisticated version incorporates satellite navigation data in addition to camera recognition.

I am unfamiliar with the specific combination of versions and option packs available for French-spec cars. However, you should be able to determine the features of your particular vehicle by consulting its build sheet. If the more sophisticated version is installed, a pertinent inquiry might be, "is the satellite navigation mapping current?".

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I appreciate your response.
Reviewing documentation provided by the primary distributor.
The "Pack Premium Plus" has a feature called "Speed limit assistant by reading signs using a camera".
I understand the concern over the outdated nature of sat nav cartography. However, it should be noted that in some cases, the indicated speed restriction of 80kph would never have been applicable, since we are referring to urban streets inside a sizable town.
I will collect further info and address this matter with my nearby dealer.

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In my experience, the camera-based speed limit assist system only responds to the most recent speed limit sign it detects. I am uncertain about the functioning of this system in France, where the signage displaying the name of the town or hamlet signifies the commencement of a speed restriction of 50 kilometres per hour.

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I am uncertain whether your system is identical to mine, however my car's system has no difficulty in accurately interpreting speed signs. However, there are some instances when it mistakenly detects the speed restriction plates on heavy goods vehicles. Typically, it is promptly sorted.
If you have own the automobile for just 6 weeks, maybe you might consider having them inspect the issue? Is it possible that the windscreen was replaced and something was not correctly reinstalled?


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Thank you everyone.
I have sent an email to the supplying dealer to inquire about the possibility of the first owner having the screen replaced. Once I get a response, I will proceed to contact my local primary dealer and request their assistance in investigating the matter.


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