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Help! Problems with the radio's w212 frequency


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The E350 W212 model from 2012.
I am in urgent need of guidance.
The radio system, namely the NTG4.5 model, installed in my W212 vehicle has ceased to function.
The audio equipment was examined at a nearby audio establishment, which concluded that it is irreparable, but I personally find this assertion challenging to accept. Subsequently, I acquired a pre-owned device, only to discover that it cannot be programmed to function with my car.
Out of a sense of urgency, I made an inquiry about the acquisition of a new unit from Mercedes. Subsequently, I received a quotation amounting to £2780.80, accompanied by an estimated waiting period of two months for the procurement of necessary components.
What course of action should I pursue?In this communication, I would like to express my desire to request your assistance in rewriting my May I request a modification to my vehicle?
Could someone provide a suggestion for a potential course of action?
Has anybody successfully installed a double din unit with the equipment shown in the photograph?


I would really appreciate any guidance or recommendations as I find myself in a situation where my radio is no longer functioning. I am certain that I am not the only one experiencing this issue and would be grateful for any insights or suggestions.

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Hello, I have resolved the issue.
I purchased a pre-owned item from the online marketplace eBay, but, I had difficulties in programming it to align with the vehicle's specifications.
As a last recourse, I initiated communication with MB in order to request a code; nevertheless, their assistance proved to be unproductive.
Subsequently, I inquired about the procurement of a substitute component from the authorised dealership of MB.
The quoted price was £2800 plus value-added tax (VAT). Ultimately, I chose to proceed with the conversion kit that was previously shown in this discussion.
The pioneer SPH-DA230DAB has been successfully installed and is functioning excellently.
The kit has a superior fit that surpasses first expectations, while also presenting a refined and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
The whole cost of the bill amounted to £620. Given that this was the only viable choice, I am rather content with the outcome. Additionally, I now own DAB radio and Android car play navigation features.
The process of finding help online has proven to be challenging and frustrating.

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I am very amazed with the level of conformity shown by the fit. Initially, I had the expectation that it would possess a certain degree of inelegance. However, given the absence of any other options, I find myself experiencing a sense of partial alleviation.
The 2012 E class model did not come equipped with DAB technology.

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can you confirm the absence of DAB in your E class? I would like to mention that my S212 from early 2012 does indeed has DAB.
Following my purchase in 2018, I proceeded to have the vehicle fitted with a dashcam at Comand online. Additionally, the technicians at Comand online suggested a software update for the Command system.

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