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The windshield wiper on the passenger side is non-functional.


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Greetings to all those present,

Could someone provide assistance with this inquiry?

Acquired a well-maintained E350 coupe at a cost that may be considered acceptable. Nevertheless, the functionality of the passenger windshield wiper is intermittent, exhibiting little effectiveness. Uncertain about the categorization of the problem at hand, whether it pertains to electrical or mechanical aspects, I am inclined to choose the former due to the temporary functionality seen, which suggests the mechanical components are likely functioning well in my rudimentary understanding.

I am unable to discern a straightforward means of conveniently accessing the necessary information to visually inspect the fuse chart for the vehicle, specifically to ascertain if the passenger blade has an independent fuse or not.

As an individual who has reached the stage of retirement, I am now facing financial constraints that prevent me from investing in a dealership to address any issues that may arise. Consequently, I would really appreciate any assistance or advice that can be provided in this matter.

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I engaged in a conversation with an acquaintance who specializes in the construction of recreational vehicles. According to his suggestion, I attempted to displace the inoperative blade, as its movement would serve as an indication that the connecting mechanisms had been dislodged. The blade exhibits unrestricted movement.

How can one access the links, individuals? Additionally, I would want to inquire if any of you have personal experience in addressing this issue or if you could provide me with a visual representation or detailed explanation of the steps involved in resolving it.

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The majority of automobiles equipped with two windshield wipers are typically operated by a single motor, which is connected to the wipers using a linkage mechanism.

The appearance of a 2006 C class vehicle is seen in the above image, prior to undergoing any cleaning procedures.





Uncertain about the appearance of yours, my assumption is that it will bear little dissimilarity.

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Thank you for your kind gesture in sharing the photographs. I really appreciate the time you have taken to do so.

I failed to notice the presence of the bar located on the left side of the engine compartment. Based on the included photographs, it seems that a heat shield is present on my 2011 E350 coupe.

Is there any information available on the need of removing this component, or are there other methods for accessing the passenger linkages? Is the removal of the heat shield a labor-intensive task, necessitating the use of specialized tools?


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There is no need to remove the heat shield.

Disengage the fasteners located above the wiper links, which are visible upon removing the plastic covers using a prying tool.
The wipers and brackets may be detached using a puller tool. It is not advisable to attempt to remove the components forcefully or use makeshift tools that are not specifically designed for extraction, as this may result in detrimental effects on the spindle. Such actions might potentially lead to the snapping of the spindle or hinder the effective engagement of the wiper upon reinstallation.

It is essential to ascertain that the problem is specifically with the connection beneath the scuttle panel, rather than being attributed to any potential complications with the wiper spindle.

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I very appreciate your assistance and the provision of the link to the puller tool. In the event that you were to make another purchase, I am curious as to whether you would go for the Silverline or Neilsen brand.

One aspect that captivates me about online forums, such as the one at hand (although I often frequent motorcycle-related sites), is the willingness of individuals to dedicate their time and effort into assisting others.

Thank you so much, my friend. I really appreciate your assistance.

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A recommended practice while disassembling the wiper arms is to first delineate the resting position of the wiper blades on the windshield by using adhesive tape or a chinagraph pencil. By using this approach, the arms may be properly positioned on the spindles throughout the process of refitting.


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Please verify whether your vehicle is equipped with a designated 'service position' for the purpose of removing the wiper blades. There is likely someone within this community who has the knowledge or expertise to provide an answer.

The vehicle automatically positions the windshield wipers in an optimal location to ensure their safe withdrawal. I am uncertain about the specific models that provide this feature.

One point should be awarded for correctly using the appropriate puller in order to detach the wiper arms. It is advisable to refrain from removing them.

Apply a little amount of anti-seize compound prior to reinstallation onto the spindle.

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