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The 1963 BJ7 traffic controller troubleshooter


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After completing a comprehensive repair on my Healey, I have successfully reconnected the battery. Virtually all aspects have been either newly constructed or renovated. The newly developed Moss wire harness. The malfunctioning of the turn signals is seen. I have just begun the process of engaging with the system. Thus far, it is evident that the functionality of the steering wheel switch is operational. I would really appreciate any guidance or recommendations on how to effectively examine the flasher relay and its corresponding system, since my understanding of its functioning is currently limited.

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Understood. The box effectively redirects electrical power from the brake light to the flasher. I recently had to replace a newly acquired unit with a replacement one.
It is recommended to ensure the presence of electricity between the flasher and the box by connecting it to terminal 8. Verify the electrical connectivity of the flasher by examining the power transmission from the fuse box to the x connector.

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Thank you for your response. The following is a revised version: I conducted more investigation, however it is important to note that my research is not yet complete.

    The electricity from the fuse has been successfully sent to the appropriate terminal on the flasher. This is a new release by Moss.
    The provision of electricity to the input of the steering column turn signal switch results in the activation of the turn signal switch, therefore transmitting power to the appropriate terminals on the relay box.
    I replaced the recently acquired Moss flasher with my previously owned one. Currently, I have successfully achieved the desired outcome of activating the right front, although I have encountered a setback in my attempts to activate the left front. The rear lights exhibited a simultaneous flashing.
    I had to discontinue my progress at this juncture due to a scheduled meeting, but I will resume working on it on Thursday.
    I kindly request any recommendations or advice that may be offered.

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I have just resumed the examination of the system. The process of resurfacing my deck ultimately evolved into a whole reconstruction. Upon conducting more investigation, I was able to identify the issue expeditiously. In the trunk, I interconnected both the right-hand and left-hand circuits. The wiring schematic was misread, resulting in the use of a double bullet connection instead of two single connectors, as intended. Ultimately, a positive outcome justifies any preceding difficulties or challenges.

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