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The S500L w220 vehicle is now experiencing a transmission issue, namely the P0705 code, which has resulted in the activation of limp mode.


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I just acquired a Mercedes-Benz S500L W220 model, which was advertised as being in optimal operational condition. Regrettably, the vehicle is consistently entering a state known as "limp mode," resulting in an inability to shift beyond second gear. After doing online research, it has come to my attention that the electrical failure in question is often seen.

I contacted the vendor, who suggested manipulating the wire located in front of the sensor next to the gear stick. This approach has yielded limited success on a few occasions, but seldom.

Currently, the only method I am able to use involves the removal of the code with my inexpensive onboard diagnostics (OBD) scanner. Following many attempts, the vehicle operates in an optimal manner.

I am seeking help from those who have encountered same challenges. Any insights or guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Even in the case of a private seller, it is impermissible to sell an automobile that had preexisting problems without disclosing this information to the buyer. Perhaps it would be beneficial to engage in a discussion on the possibility of his rectifying the situation.

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In the event of a transaction involving a private seller, it is considered unethical to sell a motor vehicle that has previous issues without providing full disclosure of this pertinent information to the buyer. It may be advantageous to begin a discourse on the potential for him to remedy the current circumstances.

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I have indeed engaged in conversation with him; nonetheless, he remains resistant and uncooperative.

In any case, I am now endeavoring to resolve the issue independently. I acquired this vehicle as a commemoration of my deceased father, who had a similar model. However, this particular difficulty has proven to be quite vexing.

I have thoroughly reviewed the available web resources pertaining to the plug that establishes a connection with the transmission. Subsequently, I have personally inspected the aforementioned plug and ascertained that it had a sufficient quantity of oil. I intend to replace the plug and seals. I am encountering difficulties in locating the specific location where the oil is purportedly drawn upward, prompting me to inspect that area for the presence of oil. Is the fuse box located on the right-hand side of the engine bay or in the passenger footwell behind the glove box? The vehicle in my possession is the W220 S500L, which is designed with right-hand drive configuration.

The number P07050 suggests that the issue is in the shifter mechanism. According to other perspectives, the potential cause of the issue might be attributed to the conductor plate. The issue at hand arises when the code is removed, resulting in the vehicle operating flawlessly and shifting seamlessly for extended periods. However, upon reverting to limp mode, the digital display responsible for indicating the current gear becomes unresponsive or ceases to function.

Is there anybody in close proximity to London who can assist me in identifying the issue?

When contacting an automotive repair facility, they often suggest replacing either the shifter or the conductor plate as potential solutions for the problem at hand. However, it is important to note that they cannot provide a guarantee that any of these replacements would effectively resolve the issue.

I would want to express my gratitude in advance for any assistance that may be provided.

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I possess knowledge on the matter at hand. In 2008, I had a same issue with my 2001 W220 S500L vehicle. The conductor plate was ultimately replaced with a reconditioned item; nevertheless, it cannot be definitively said that this course of action would resolve the issue at hand. The garage I used in the past was situated behind the Esso garage on Garratt Lane, next to the Wimbledon Dogs stadium. The concept of "long gone" refers to a situation or phenomenon that has ceased to exist or is no longer relevant.

If it is of any assistance, this issue does not need advanced scientific knowledge in the field of rocketry. An individual with knowledge and expertise about the kit should promptly identify and rectify the issue.

Two independent establishments that I would recommend are Alexanders in Twickenham. The provided contact information is 020 8898 5656. Engage in conversation with Ben. This year, the establishment has had a change in ownership, currently being managed by Nigel, a very knowledgeable individual specializing in Mercedes vehicles. Nigel has previously worked at MB Weybridge, further enhancing his expertise in this domain. It is worth noting that the establishment is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to effectively carry out their services. The service provider exhibits a pragmatic approach, demonstrating helpfulness and sensibility in their telephone interactions, as well as displaying reasonable pricing strategies.

The PCS located at Horndean is very commendable; nonetheless, it is situated around 50 miles distant along the A3 route. It is suggested, but, I am skeptical that you are inclined to do a one-hour journey. Please contact Natasha and Ollie using the following telephone number: 023 9257 0123. Once again, the service provider exhibits a realistic approach, offering assistance over the phone and demonstrating appropriate pricing strategies.

It is not recommended to engage with Bradshaw Webb. The organization is inundated with projects and assignments that are mostly associated with corporate entities and affluent individuals who are either the primary or secondary owners. Individuals that are not suitable for the use of outdated equipment.

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It is likely that the conductor plate plug is experiencing a leakage issue, resulting in the transportation of oil down the wires towards the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Please ascertain the feasibility of doing an inspection on the item in question. If deemed possible, proceed with the necessary measures to cleanse the item and then replace the plug, which is available at a low cost. Wishing you the best of luck.

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Thank you for your response.

I have been endeavoring to locate the TCU in order to do an oil inspection.

According to internet sources, it is said that the designated location for the fuse box is situated on the right-hand side inside the engine compartment. One video has been seen whereby it is said that the item in question is located under the glove box footwell. I want to provide a photograph of mine, and I kindly need your assistance in identifying the specific box that corresponds to the TCU. Considering the fact that my vehicle is equipped with right-hand drive, it is important to acknowledge any potential implications this may have.


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It remains uncertain if any repositioning of components has occurred in the context of right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles. However, in the case of left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles, convention dictates that those components are often situated inside the footwell of the passenger side. Issues may arise when leaves obstruct the drain plugs located in the cowl, potentially leading to moisture exposure of the cowl and its associated components.

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Based on my observations, I have located the item in question inside the fuse box situated on the left side of the engine bay.

The connections exhibited signs of oil saturation, and while inspecting the transmission control unit (TCU), it was seen that a quantity of oil equivalent to or exceeding that of a standard shot glass was present.

The electric circuit cleaner was used to spray and clean the plugs. Regrettably, it seems that the issue has not been resolved.

The vehicle operated without issue for almost one hour before reverting to a state of reduced performance. The occurrence of an intermittent screen displaying a blank gear is seen.

It is essential to address the issue of the plug and seals that are now experiencing leakage from the transmission. Additionally, it is necessary to undertake the task of thoroughly cleaning the affected components.

It is also necessary to verify the amount of transmission oil.

I neglected to clarify that the aforementioned sequence of events was initiated subsequent to the vehicle being immobilized in the park position, which prompted the replacement of the plastic component inside the shifter mechanism with an aluminum counterpart.

The presence of a malfunctioning brake light may potentially contribute to the first occurrence of a vehicle being immobilized in the park position.

In this regard, I provide a photograph of the oil originating from the Texas Christian University (TCU).


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