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Alert from the Engine Control Module


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2011 Model Year C350CDI ESTATE

Howdy, folks. No power outage, and all appliances that rely on electricity are running OK; the engine management light is on.
The automobile has a removable towbar, and the Rear SAM unit has a special wiring harness for it. When I hook the caravan's electric wire into the car's 13-pin tow socket, the rear tail lights come on even if the engine is turned off (the key is taken out). My vehicle's backup lights activate when I turn on the engine.
Please refer to the attached images for details on the scan I ran on my icarsoft MB v3. After a few days, or around 20 miles, the fault codes always come back after I clear them. I need some advice on what to do.

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Update. I looked for a problem in the SAM wiring circuit 15 in the back, but I couldn't find one. I looked through the Westfalia's special wiring harness for towing and didn't find any problems. Next, I sprayed some WD-40 into the car's 13-pin socket and the towing plug for the caravan and made sure they both worked. When I finally got around to plugging the lead into the vehicle, the tail lights did not come on. The icarsoft scan revealed no problems with the vehicle's rear sam sensor. Nonetheless, a fresh defect showed up -:

Right Rear Door Control Unit Malfunction (1) (DCU_RR)

990915. The State: The Past and the Present
Additional Door Lock Actuator Motor Output Is Malfunctioning. There is either an open circuit or a short to the positive.

The issue is the lock on the right rear door; all other doors open and close without a hitch.
I put in around 20 miles yesterday over three trips with no EML activation in sight.
Do you have any recommendations? I won't need the vehicle until the weekend, so I'll see whether the EML remains off until then.

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