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Hello, I have a Mercedes A class, and for the last two years, whenever I drive it, the vehicle enters what I believe to be the limp mode. Some items, such as the window wipers, windows that won't open or shut, my radio turning off, the air conditioning turning off, not reading my fuel level, and a few other things, aren't working, but I can still drive the vehicle without any difficulties. If I switch off the vehicle while it is still operating in this mode, I will not be able to turn it back on until I first detach the battery. I've taken it to three different garages, and nobody can pinpoint what the problem is, despite the fact that there must be one. It may occur as often as once a week or not at all for five to six months at a time. Anyone have any suggestions? You should have received an image showing the lights that are displayed when it enters that mode. Sincere gratitude

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I hope you enjoy your time here๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Is the battery in your automobile still the factory-issued one? If this is the case, and you take the vehicle to a competent mechanic to have the codes analyzed, you will find that there is an abundance of 'low voltage' problems recorded.

* I apologize in advance if you already know this, but the car's microbrain records an enormous amount of information that can be read by a correctly equipped code reader or, preferably, by someone with MB's own STAR system. If you already know this, please accept my apology. Batteries that are getting on in years but yet seem to be functioning well might throw all kinds of weird and apparently unconnected errors.

A helpful hint: in your member profile, provide the type and engine of your vehicle, as well as your location. The closest major city will do just well. In this approach, when one of the independents is beeded, we will be able to direct you to other suitable options.

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Hello, I recently had a new battery installed since I assumed that was the problem as well. I believe that I will have to take it to Mercedes since I've already had all of the electrics examined, and I'm hoping that they won't tell me that I need a new EMC.
Sincere gratitude

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