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switching the front and back wheels. Are you sure?


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Hi all

Mark 3 2021 Kuga metal.

I got a hole in the nsr that can't be fixed.

The plan was that instead of putting on one new tyre, I would put on another new one on the nsf and then switch the nsr wheel with the osf wheel. This way, the front of the car would have two new tyres.

The tyre fitter said that it will cost more to have the Tpms programmed so that the sensors stay in the right place.

Does this make sense?

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Mk3 Kugas, I think, can reset the tpms using the steering wheel options, although it is widely known not to shift a tyre with wear from left to right, and definitely not rotation directed ones.
The app's instructions should explain.

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Unfortunately, it does require the small device to help the car locate the wheel. If you swap the nearside front wheel with the nearside rear wheel and then inflate the front wheel by 10 psi, the dashboard will indicate that the rear wheel has gained 10 psi. The sensors must be retrained so that the vehicle can locate the wheel.

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As I keep saying, that method doesn't work if you have different forces for each wheel. That only restarts the tracking system, which has nothing to do with the wheel. You have to learn how to use the tool again. There's nothing else to do. Please read what I've already said. "Common problems and how to fix them Mk3," and read the whole thread, especially the second part.

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