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X5 gas usage


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I'm new here and I recently bought a 2004 X5. Having previously owned numerous BMs, I figured I'd give the X5 a go. Wow, this vehicle is incredible. It drives well and is constructed with the typical high quality. However, one thing: gas mileage! I did a lot of research before purchasing the 3.0d model since it was believed to be fuel-efficient (considering the size of the vehicle), so I filled it up when I got it. I've reset my journey and driven over 300 miles on a single tank of petrol. Around 15 mpg is the norm.

I knew it would be cold in Perth, but I was hoping for something warmer. Is this typical for the 3.0d in really cold weather? The Webasto heater seems to be in excellent condition, and the vehicle has a meticulous service record.

Any help or information is much appreciated.

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We're glad to have you.

Fuel usage (urban) 16.1 mpg

Fuel usage (extra urban) 27.4 mpg

Fuel usage (combined) 21.9 mpg

That's for the car box

Fuel usage (urban) 16.2 mpg

Fuel usage (extra urban) 28.2 mpg

Fuel usage (combined) 22.2 mpg

Not much of a change for hand box...


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thank you for your answer.

Why are they said to be good on petrol when reading about them in the press and seeing ads for them would make you think they were?

Since I'm being honest, it's not very good. I didn't buy it to save money, but I had hoped for something better. Does it make a difference that it's so cold?

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