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The Mazda Toolbox is unable to detect the Mazda nav SD card used for updating maps.

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Hello everyone.

Apologies if this has already been addressed. I conducted a search but could not find any relevant information.

Last year, I successfully upgraded the SD card on my Windows 10 PC.

This year, I acquired a Windows 11 personal computer. Upon inserting the SD card into the reader, I get the following message:


Yesterday, the Toolbox software was just acquired from Mazda.

I attempted to activate the re-recognize button, but received a same warning. A spare SD card reader was attempted, with same results.

It is evident that the operating system is recognising the card and presenting it as a removable disc, which seems to be logical. According to Mazda's FAQ section of the toolbox website, there have been cases when the error message was caused by the removeable disc being seen as a local disc. However, this is not applicable in this situation. I am unable to recall the visual representation of the SD card on my Windows 10 machine.

When the card is reinserted into the vehicle, the navigation system functions properly.

Have any individuals lately used Windows 11 for the purpose of updating the SD card? I am now using Windows 11 Pro, namely version 23H2, build 22631.3085.

I own a Windows 10 laptop and want to attempt it at a later time. However, it is now unavailable. Nevertheless, I am curious whether I am overlooking any apparent oversight.

Do you have any suggestions?


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Windows 11 has successfully updated my SD Card without any complications. The card reader I used was an inexpensive USB device that I had readily available. I am now using the same version of Windows as you, however, the most recent upgrade to the card occurred 2 months ago.

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Both of my card readers are inexpensive USB devices, one being brand new and the other being one that I believed to have misplaced when I bought the replacement. Both provide identical outcomes. I will experiment with the W10 laptop, and my daughter also has a MacBook, which might serve as an alternative choice.

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If the VIN ranges on Mazda UK's website are accurate, I am certain that I am using Telenav.

Upon first observation, the interface and displays of the MacBook closely resemble those seen on the Naviextras website.

I am inquiring as to whether the aforementioned software is compatible with both legacy and contemporary navigation systems. If it were to do so, it would be logical. Users do not need several installers for various navigation systems on the same automobile type. That is a formula for perplexity, particularly if managed inadequately.

There will always be a need for installers for distinct Operating Systems, such as Mac or Windows. Nevertheless, it is advisable to refrain from using several installers for the same operating system family.

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