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The OM642 Coolant Temperature sensor became trapped and detached.

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I attempted to detach my coolant temperature sensor, however the plastic material was too fragile, causing it to crumble. Two metallic prongs remained, prompting me to use pliers and exert force to extract them.

The remaining material consists of plastic, with the sensor firmly embedded inside the aperture. There is nothing to pull on.

Do you have any suggestions? Have you ever encountered this dilemma?

Will the brass/metal have a pliable texture when I gradually remove the fragile plastic? I have limited options in each situation...

Presently in a state of utter impasse (both literally and symbolically)... I will upload a photograph tomorrow.

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Is it possible to apply adhesive on the sensor tonight in order to retrieve it in the morning?
Apply a little amount of release fluid throughout the evening.
Consider using duct tape to cover the opening and applying a generous amount of release fluid tonight.

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The sensor is located next to the fuel line or glow plug on the right side of the engine.

Envision a scenario where the whole 'L' shaped plastic component is completely detached, leaving no object to grasp onto. Additionally, a fuel rail is present in the vicinity.

I exerted significant force on it while the two metallic prongs were protruding, and it remained still - both prongs detached. I attempted to use silicon grease in order to release it. The presence of a warm engine while my work on it may have been beneficial.

I believe my only prospect is to persistently erode the plastic and observe the contours of the underlying brass, with the expectation that it may possess a suitable surface to adhere to.

The plastic's fragility was astonishing, which explains why the sensor was malfunctioning...

I will upload a photograph tomorrow.


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It resembles a curved, left-handed, threaded tap. They penetrate the object they are fastened to, allowing you to secure and remove the remaining sensor component from the engine.

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