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Abs f20


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You're falling into his prank.
The pad incorporates a wire that serves as a wear indicator.
After some use, the pad will wear down to the point where the wire will touch the disc, completing the circuit and turning on the light. You may disable the light by severing it or replacing it with pads that do not contain it.

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BMW's sensors are a two-stage circuit; the first step only wears the nipple down and provides a signal to DSC; however, this may only be for modifying mileage for CBS and not for affecting braking. In the second phase, the circuit is broken entirely, and the pad wear indicator lights up.

So, OP, you said you replaced the ABS sensors but the problem still persists? It might be a wiring problem or the result of installing a low-quality sensor. Is real-time data available from diagnostics in order to verify wheel speeds?

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