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The pulse of an F31 335d during braking


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Hi everybody, My first BMW, from a private seller, arrived today. Almost everything about my 2016 BMW F31 335d xDrive excites me. I was hoping to get some feedback on a somewhat little but possibly serious problem:

The pulsation can be felt through the brake pedal, the steering wheel, and, to a lesser extent, the entire vehicle; it occurs at a frequency of about 3hz, which is significantly slower than the rotation of the brake disc around its axis; it occurs only when the brake pedal is gently applied rather than firmly; it occurs only when braking rather than engine braking or decelerating; it occurs only between 30 and 20 miles per hour; it does not occur when accelerating; it does not occur

I hope that wasn't too much knowledge to take in, but I've read a lot about deformed brake discs and have a hard time believing they'd only be noticeable between 30 and 20 mph.

I took it to a repair shop, but they weren't very helpful; they said it may be the front or rear brakes or the front suspension.

Additionally, I have tried burnishing the brakes by doing 5 consecutive 70-20 strong braking events with no success.

It's probably unrelated, however when the engine is turned off and the steering wheel is turned beyond the center point in either direction, a clunk can be heard from the steering rack.

If anybody has had this issue before or has any other information, I would really appreciate hearing from you. In gratitude

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Please accept my membership application; I have the same issues.

My new 2018 BMW F31 335d xdrive is fantastic; I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The juddering and the clunk are both a problem for me. I've been told that the juddering is caused by warped discs, therefore I plan on replacing the discs and pads in the front. I have no idea what causes the clunk, but it does occur when I turn to the right before pulling off.
Mine shudders more from 60-40 and not really noticeable 20-30mph, so I didn't even notice when I bought it because we could only test drive at those speeds during our local inspection. The shop I bought it from has said they will change the discs and pads for free or cover the cost as they messed up by not noticing. To get a second assessment and price, I took my BMW to a separate repair shop that focuses on luxury brands. I was taken aback when he told me it would cost £700 to replace the front discs and pads, but then I remembered that he gets genuine BMW components.

I hate to steal your thunder, but maybe my inquiries might be of use to you as well...Does it make sense for me to get the discs and pads online, then have them fitted and reimbursed by the store where I originally purchased the item? I'd be concerned that they'd end up with some low-quality specimens. I was wondering whether there was much of a difference between different brands of discs and pads, or if the cheap ones would suffice. I'd like high-quality ones; I don't want top-tier functionality, but I also don't want the cheapest ones. I'd want anything in the middle to upper price range. According to the man at my garage, I need 340x30 tires.

I'd be grateful for any help you could provide.

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Hello, I had BMW change out the front brake discs and pads, and it seemed to do the trick. The previous owner had them all replaced at BMW, so they were delighted to do it under warranty. Changing the bush in the steering rack eliminated the judder.

When it comes to replacement components, I've only ever used OEM BMW parts. I would have replaced them out myself with Zimmerman components if BMW hadn't done it for free under warranty.

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Good job, man, fair play. The discs and pads need to be completed, and then we'll see what happens. The rack bush seems like it may be the problem if there is still anything wrong with the steering (I believe mine is alright, the steering looks to judder since the entire vehicle is running), so thanks!

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