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Discussion on the electricity issue S212


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This past weekend, my family and I took a vacation to the seaside in a 2012 E220 estate. The air conditioner was, as it usually does, operating well. When we returned to the vehicle immediately after the engine had been started, the air on was blowing at a high temperature on the windshield. Both sides were set to a low setting, and it was blowing air into the face level vents. I was only able to modify the fan's speed, not the temperature or the flow direction.

Tonight, after plugging in my code reader, I was given a total of two active codes for the air conditioner.
I was given the following codes: 00800 and 9ED187 D00800 indicates that LIN bus 1 is experiencing a problem.
The humidity/temperature sensor seems to be broken, according to error 9ED187. There is a gap in the message.

I have access to a parts car, and I've tried replacing the heating control module with one from that vehicle; however, this had no effect. After that, I switched out the humidity and temperature sensor that was located behind the rearview mirror as well as both sensors that were located in the front footwell kick plates.

After all of these have been changed, the air conditioner will function normally for anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds before reverting to its previous behavior of blowing hot air towards the windshield. It will not change the temperature or the direction. However, if I turn it off and let it sit for a few minutes, I am able to repeat the cycle of the air conditioner operating for around five to ten seconds before returning to blowing hot air exclusively at the windshield.

The air conditioner is operating at a pressure of around 190 pounds per square inch (psi), the refrigerant is fine since I had it properly gassed throughout the summer, and it does operate for a short period of time.

Do you have any ideas as to what else may possibly be wrong? It seems to be connected to the electrical system or the sensors, but I have no idea what to do next.

Can you lend a hand?

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When we initially noticed there was an issue on Saturday, the temperature indicated 23.5C. The temperature read 17.5 degrees Celsius when we woke up yesterday. Today I didn't bother to check. Tomorrow, I will keep a watch on it and provide an update. I'll also check the temperatures that my reader is reporting for the various sensors.

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