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a question about a Mercedes ME


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Howdy, everyone! I have a concern about my Mercedes-Benz ME: my interior alarm went off, and it showed up on my ME app as a recent alert; however, it continues showing up whenever I open the app. I was wondering if there is a method to erase it, or if it would simply go after some amount of time, or if it will remain put. Although I am aware that the collision warning may be deleted, I am unable to locate any means to erase this.
Any thoughts?

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Okay, I'm familiar with how to reset it since I've had it in a prior vehicle, but it went off inside the Mercedes-Benz garage when an AMG GT car started up. Apparently, these systems are highly sensitive.
Only wish I could disable the interior alarm, but if it goes off again, I'll be forced to hole only have one alarm because dogs have been known to set it off in the past.

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