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Ruptured Diesel Fuel Hose


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OM651 E250 Estate Model Year 2010
Hello once again,
If my expectations hadn't been reduced as much as they have been throughout the course of my ownership of this automobile, it would shatter my heart. As a result, I have come to terms with the fact that beyond a certain age, certain components might get damaged or fall off.
This morning while I was doing my best to start the car, the engine wouldn't turn over, and I noticed a distinct diesel odor. According to the picture, the pipe had been ripped, and fuel was everywhere......
In an ideal situation, I would cut off the frayed ends and rejoin the hose, despite the fact that I lost two centimeters where it broke. I have a brand fresh mb clic clip that you can use for it.
If that does not work, and since I do not want to disassemble things to get to where the other end of the hose joins, I may have to cut out a portion and join another length of fresh 8mm hose if that is the only option. If this is the case, what diameter of joiner should be used to provide the optimum diesel-proof fit, using a pair of jubilee clips to secure the joint?
Also, would the fact that I have been revving the engine indicate that I have to cleanse the system before drawing gasoline from one end?
Thank you so much in advance,
PS In a prior thread, I experienced leaking coming from the same location, so maybe I should have anticipated that the hose would rupture, but I didn't.

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I smoothed out the rough edges (the hose is now 2.5 cm shorter) and attached a new clip to it before pressing it on. It is somewhat strained but is not kinked in any way. It's not a lot, but I'm hoping it will get me to my indie. I discovered that it does not need priming, so I held the key in position two for a total of 40 seconds (twice), and it worked perfectly the first time. There was no damage, and everything seems to be operating normally for the time being...
Because this is my first diesel, the idea of cutting diesel hoses makes me feel queasy because I worry that black dirt will go all over the place. Tin foil was wrapped over any wire sockets, and I used an engine degreaser to clean the area where the gasoline had sprayed. I then hosed the area clean.
I really hope you liked reading this tale. The motion picture contract is now in the works.

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