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Hello! The driver's seat is malfunctioning.

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When the memory seating button is pressed, the mirrors, lumbar support, and steering wheel adjust to their designated positions. However, the seat does not move and instead produces a clicking sound. The only seat that is not functioning is the driver's seat. How can I locate and access the seat fuse, and what methods can I use to identify it? Assistance is requested.

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However, how can I access it? After removing the front seat cover, what specific component should I be searching for and what actions should I take? As a relatively inexperienced Land Rover owner, I would really appreciate any and all information that can be provided.

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If there is a "click" sound, it indicates that the device is receiving electricity. The probability of the fuse being the issue is low.

Verify this by attempting each of the various modifications individually.

The "clicking" noise is caused by a malfunction in the drive of a motorised rack & pinion system, which is used to make significant changes when the principal load is the occupant's body mass. These adjustments include fore and aft movement, vertical movement, and are more significant than adjustments related to tilt, lumbar stiffness, or rib-cage lateral support.

It might be as simple as random debris obstructing the machinery and impeding motion.
All mechanisms may be repaired if they become damaged. Both movies and photographs may be accessed.

Not all of it is prohibitively costly.

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"Once you conduct the test..."

You will have determined whether or not it is receiving electrical power.

... and

Which specific powered-adjustment sub-system need repair?

With that more specific information, you may do research on how to rectify the issue, determine the associated expenses, and decide whether to employ a professional or attempt a do-it-yourself approach.

"As far as I know" (AFAIK), no prominent automobile manufacturer produces their own seats.

The majority of these components are sourced from specialised manufacturers, such as Recaro. The internal structure and mechanical components, which are located under the padding and upholstery, are shared across several automakers and model years.

In other words, locating functional components may need some investigative effort in order to purchase them at reasonable rates, but it is unlikely to significantly impede progress for an extended period of time.

An "interim" solution refers to the act of temporarily removing essential components from a fully functional but less equipped passenger's side seat in the same vehicle, in order to address immediate needs while waiting for replacement parts.

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Firstly, I would like to express my immense gratitude. The seat adjustments (up, down, fore, aft, tilt) produce an audible click when attempting to operate the switches, indicating the presence of power to the seat, as you mentioned. What is the current course of action? Once again, I apologise for the many inquiries. The automobile belongs to my wife.

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Ensure that you locate instructional repair videos prior to disassembling the item in order to determine the next course of action.

Google will provide several results just for Range Rovers. Additionally, we provide estimates for the cost of repairing and replacing generic components.

Make a choice on whether to hire someone or do it yourself. Then proceed to either locate a store or explore potential sources of components and proceed to repair it.

Apologies for the lack of specificity, but these devices have many similarities in terms of numerous servo motor implementations, limit switches, and other components. No complex or advanced techniques are involved, so the most effective way to learn is by directly interacting with the physical devices in a three-dimensional, vivid manner.

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