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Replace Cabin Air Filter


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This pertains to the E-Niro 4+ model.
The technique should be the same for other Kia models that have the cabin filter located beneath the glove box.
Simple procedure. Requires under 5 minutes. Removing trash from the glove compartment.
Instructions according to Bosch.




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I believe that is another familiar problem with the forum software. Uncertain of the reason behind the statement. As seen before and noted by other websites. Indifferent

Deleted and republished pictures. Seems fine at the moment.

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Images are not visible on Chromium and Chrome, however they appear while using Firefox. Specifically, I can see @iooi's #8 post image on Chromium, whereas the previous images do not display.

I made an error. I was not authenticated on the website using Firefox. The photos vanished after I logged in.
I realised I was not signed in when seeing the indentation of threaded answers in the postings, which was unfamiliar to me. I first believed that the rendering was done by FF, however it seems that my non-logged-in state was the cause.

My Chromium browser behaves the same whether I am logged in or out.

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Let's determine whether that is effective.

If this is now functioning correctly, I will remove the previous postings about missing photographs since they are unnecessary. Just to inform you everyone in advance (y)

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