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Unfamiliar with C140


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Good morning, everyone.

For those who haven't seen it yet, here is my recently acquired CL420, which I have also shown in other places. After contemplating for many months, I have now made the decision to proceed.




I have identified several issues with my vehicle: a leak on the passenger side at the front near the top of the A pillar, potentially caused by a blocked sunroof drain; erratic behaviour of the interior lights, which do not consistently turn on or respond to the switches; and a malfunction in the rear parking sensor system, which currently only functions on one side.

That's all I have discovered up to this point. I got her up on Saturday and have not had the opportunity to really examine anything yet.

I plan to replace the radio with a period-correct CD device. Surprisingly, there is no CD changer in the trunk, but I don't mind having just a single-slot CD in the front - it's simpler in certain aspects.

The MOT was just completed on Friday and the vehicle has been consistently in excellent condition for a few years, save for replacing the tyres a couple of years ago. The mileage is only 78,000 kilometres. The leak is the main concern due to the current rain, and I am uncertain about the potential further harm it may do. It is likely that the former owner stored it in a barn with other items and may not have been aware of its presence.

The performance of the car is amazing - excited for many more kilometres ahead.

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Cheers - side window seals appear Sure. The windscreen seems to be in decent condition, but I will inspect it more closely later.

The inside is in good condition, with just some scuffing on the driver's seat from regular use.

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Impressive. Excellent colour combination, and it's fantastic to have discovered one with just 80,000 miles on it. It will be durable for over 250,000 miles, assuming you are willing to put in the effort.

There are a few of them at my golf club and they consistently make a strong impression.

I would have purchased a few myself due to the excellent ride quality, but the noise coming from the passenger seat made me change my mind.

Seems like simple adjustment. Hopefully, there is no rust concealed in that drain.

Compact discs? What is a "CD"? Shouldn't the focus be on discreet Bluetooth phone connectivity, SIRI integration, and music streaming?

What is the historical background? Long-term ownership by a single individual?

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The riding quality is exceptional.

CDs are circular plastic discs that contain music, games, or videos. Despite working in IT, I do not like current technology such as streaming music. I want to keep things simple.

The rain has resumed, so I anticipate more water entering. MeQ's suggestion about the windscreen seal was insightful, something I had not considered. If there were a drain, I would have expected it to enter from a different location, hence the Windscreen seal seems like a decent choice.

Contemporary history The automobile has been in the possession of a collector and stored in a barn together with other vehicles in his collection, which I had the opportunity to see. He is selling the more contemporary items and retaining solely the items from the 70s and 80s. Previously uncertain, however the MOT history available online indicates that little miles have been driven in recent years. Put an end to that soon!

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