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2018 GTS Tyres


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To begin with, I offer my apologies. Based on my extensive experience with automobile forums, I am aware that discussions on tyres are both abundant and divisive. However, even use the search tool, I have been unable to locate the particular information I am seeking. I chose to submit my question here instead of the Wheels & Tyres topic because I anticipated a larger number of individuals who own the same vehicle and could have a similar use-case. I apologise if it is also an error.

I just acquired a 2018 GTS, which is equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tyres on the front and Pirelli P-Zeroes tyres on the rear. This combination is unfavourable, especially at this time of year. The rear tyres really embody their designation by exhibiting a complete absence of traction, even in dry conditions. They are ineffective at low temperatures. The rear tyres are still many thousand kilometres away from requiring replacement. The front areas are good, however I have not inspected the dot marking to determine their age.

I would prefer to replace the p-zeroes before May, since I have a few European road trips scheduled at that time and in June. The most apparent option would be to choose for MPS4s on the rear, nevertheless, prior to proceeding, I deemed it necessary to inquire on this platform whether anybody has had pleasant encounters with other tyre brands apart than Michelins. If there exists a demonstrably superior all-round tyre, I am open to replacing all four of them.

The purpose for which I want to employ this technology:

    As the automobile is used often, it is desirable to have excellent wear rates. Having a reliable and effective traction on cold and wet surfaces is crucial, especially considering the prevailing weather conditions in the UK for a minimum of 6 months annually.
    I will be use the vehicle for extended journeys at a moderate velocity on motorways, highways, and motorways, so noise becomes a significant consideration, particularly due to the GTS echo chamber trunk space. It would be quite desirable to have tyres that are quieter without compromising on grip.
    I will not be using the vehicle on a race circuit, thus achieving the highest level of traction on dry surfaces is not a concern. However, it is crucial to have consistent and anticipated performance from the rear tyres in particular. The automobile will consistently have limitations in its rear performance.
    During my road journeys, I often see many types of roads, including rural and mountain highways. These roads may range from wide and expansive to narrow and uneven. If there are non-run-flat tyres out there that are more forgiving of damaged surfaces that would be excellent. I will not install run-flat tyres on my automobile since I desire to maintain the integrity of my dental fillings.

I have seen divergent accounts on the Goodyear F1 Asymmetrics and Continental Sport Contacts. I do not have a strong preference for any particular brand and I am not overly concerned about the quality of tyres. I have used Kumho KU31 and Nangkang NS-2Rs, as well as Yokohama A048, AD06, and AD07 on my Lotus Elise. This has surprised and shocked my fellow members on the Lotus forum, as they have often found themselves falling behind me on the race track.

I am in need of a tyre that has the rare combination of being quiet, durable, providing excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions, offering predictable performance at the limit, and ideally, being cost-effective for my vehicle. Are there any instances of real-life use available or should I just continue using the Michelins?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Wishing you the best of luck! 😁

Continue using the MPS4S tyres and invest in a pair of high-quality winter tyres specifically designed for winter conditions. It will convert the automobile, enabling year-round use.

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My vehicle was equipped with Pirelli Contact 6 tyres, but when they are due for replacement, I want to install PS4S tyres instead.
Out of the 6 tyres I have tried, they have performed rather well despite the unfavourable weather conditions. However, based on my past experience with an AMG and my study, I am aware that Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres were the top choice and are also recommended for my current vehicle.

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