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Acquiring a (fresh) R8 [Assistance Needed!]

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Greetings, everybody.

Having enjoyed the ownership of a 2019 RS5 for over four years, I believe it is now appropriate to transition and get a R8 v10 performance quattro. Nevertheless, the farther I go into the matter, the greater my perplexity becomes. After much study and some aggravation, I have narrowed down my selections to the following choices. It is worth noting that I am based in Switzerland and hence considering the EU/German version.

    Acquire a 2018 model that has not undergone any cosmetic changes.
        Advantages: Absence of optimal power flow (OPF) and soft limiter. There are other aftermarket choices available, including the Akrapovic exhaust, which is the most affordable alternative.
        Drawbacks: The vehicle has a powerful 610 horsepower, but being 5 years old, it may be difficult to find one with low mileage. Additionally, the maintenance costs are likely to be higher due to the necessity for more frequent replacements.
    Undergo a cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate your appearance, with a maximum distance of 10,000 km travelled since the last procedure. Model from the year 2019:
        Advantages: 620 horsepower; The engine is positioned 10mm lower compared to the pre-facelift model. Considerably swifter: The acceleration time from 0 to 200 kilometres per hour is 8.9 seconds, whereas the time from 100 to 200 kilometres per hour is 6.0 seconds (as seen in the referenced video). Additionally, the carwow source reports that the acceleration time from 0 to 400 kilometres per hour is 10.7 seconds. In my opinion, it is aesthetically superior than the pre-facelift version.
        Drawbacks: Overhead power factor (OPF); soft limiter engaged at 3500 revolutions per minute (rpm); Requires a non-original exhaust system, except the Akrapovic brand.
        The price for one is around 180,000 CHF.
    Purchase a 2023 model:
        Regrettably, the dealer informed me that orders ceased in November 2022. Nevertheless, there are some automobiles slated for arrival in 2023 that remain unclaimed by any bidder, affording me the opportunity to acquire one of them.
        Advantages: The automobile is brand new and has a "sport exhaust" feature.
        Drawbacks: EU standards have become more stringent, resulting in 2022 models being inferior to those from 2019. Can someone kindly verify this? The primary proof I have consists of the carwow videos, which consistently demonstrate faults with the launch control in 2020-2021 models. Additionally, these videos indicate that the car's performance timings are worse, as seen by an 0-400 time of 11.1 seconds instead of the expected 10.7 seconds.
        I came across a post on this topic (although I couldn't locate it) stating that someone compared their 2019 model with a 2020 model in a race, and the 2019 version shown a notable superiority in terms of speed. Could someone kindly verify this information?
        An option is to purchase one from Germany for around 230,000 euros, with an additional 6% import tax.
    Acquire a 2018 Huracan Performante:
        The cost of a pre-owned Performante is around 270,000 CHF, which is in close proximity to the amount I want to spend on the new R8. Nevertheless, I am concerned that the combined expenses of maintenance and insurance for the vehicle may surpass those of the R8, perhaps becoming it unaffordable for me.

Additionally, I have the following inquiries:

    If I were to acquire a facelifted 2019+ R8 model and install an aftermarket exhaust system, such as the Capristo brand, would the resulting sound resemble that of the 2017 R8 model? Did they make modifications to the ECU in order to reduce the occurrence of pops and cracks?
    Audi made enhancements to the 2023 GT, such as upgrading the gearbox electronic control unit and raising the soft restriction to 6500rpm. Do any of these changes apply to the 2023 version?
    Is there any discernible difference between the 2023 iteration and the 2022/2021/2020 versions?
    Are there any individuals who own a 2020 or newer version of the product and are experiencing issues with the launch control feature?
    Kindly provide the 0-100, 100-200, and 0-400 acceleration times for the v10 performance quattro variant.

What is your suggestion? Thank you in advance.

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You have provided almost every possible possibility. Opting for the latest/ least used option is almost always a reliable choice. If you believe you have established a connection with a supplier, I suggest acquiring a '23 model. However, it is likely that there will be much rivalry for such vehicles.


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There are no inherently poor decisions, just certain compromises. I just had a same decision-making process three months ago and ultimately chose a 2018 Plus model with a mileage of 40,000 km. The car comes with comprehensive service documents, having had a thorough servicing by an authorised dealer. It is in exceptional condition. I chose this option to circumvent the soft limitation, get the sport exhaust, take advantage of the favourable pricing (with the extended warranty), and believe that the performance disparity with subsequent versions is negligible. For what it's worth, there is absolutely no delay upon launching. The optimal recommendation is to evaluate the cars by test-driving them, and choose the alternative that elicits a genuine smile, as it is likely to be the most suitable choice. If all of these bring a smile to your face, you are faced with an issue of high social status. 🙂

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I am certain that this individual is from the German-speaking region of Switzerland, and I am willing to wager one hundred Francs on it. The Italian team would have chosen a Lamborghini, while the French team would be too fatigued from working a full 35 hours last week to compose a lengthy piece of writing.
In my honest opinion, Switzerland is undeniably one of the most exceptional locations on the planet. May fortune favour you in your pursuit, and may the day come when we reside in close proximity.

Furthermore, as a community on the r8 forum, it is imperative that we collectively contribute funds to purchase EZ a second-generation vehicle, so ensuring that he has both automobiles. He would respond with a comprehensive and accurate 3-page post.

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I would choose the Performante. It is the most distinctive of all the options given, and if there is determination, there is a solution when it comes to upkeep. The automobiles possess exceptional structural integrity. It is advisable to take taxes into account as well. Uncertain about the tax rates in your region, however it is possible that an older Performante might be priced lower than a fresh new R8. Insurance follows the same principle. If a Lamborghini tax is not imposed, it might be advisable to get the pre-facelift R8.

Wishing you the best of success in your hunt! It is a really favourable situation to encounter.


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Can someone verify whether the engine of the facelifted R8 is positioned 10mm lower, has more power, and exhibits higher speed compared to the pre-facelift R8? I highly question the veracity of any of those claims. Over time, the level of power should remain constant.

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I can verify that one of the three statements is accurate, namely the one about increased power. Nevertheless, the more powerful engine did not reach the United States. I assume that Audi had previously had significant difficulties in 2017 with the gap between horsepower (HP) and metric horsepower (PS), resulting in the vehicles being detained at the port for many months. Consequently, they likely made the decision to avoid the possibility of a recurrence by not taking any chances with a new engine. If you examine my post inside this discussion, you may find it here: [insert link].

I have not come across any information about the potential performance benefits of lowering the seating position by 10mm, and I am sceptical that it would have a significant impact on speed.

Regarding the original poster's comment, an additional distinction that was not brought up pertains to the gearbox gear ratios. The pre-facelift Plus has reduced gear ratios ranging from 3rd to 7th. I would recommend choosing a pre-facelift model, since it will be positioned lower on the depreciation curve. Based on my personal experience, the expenses related to service and maintenance are often in the range of thousands, regardless of the currency used (such as dollars, euros, or pounds). On the other hand, the depreciation of assets is usually assessed in tens of thousands. I disagree with the notion that the most recent iterations exhibit a noteworthy increase in speed - a thorough evaluation under identical circumstances is necessary to ascertain such a claim. Having 610 horsepower is definitely not a disadvantage!

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In my assessment, the R8 seems to be impervious to bullets. I am a member of the R8 club in Holland, where we own many vehicles that have successfully covered distances over 100,000 km without encountering any issues.
In my opinion, the Huracan Performante is too expensive. I have undergone the same purchasing process.I recommend that you test drive several automobiles to experience the disparities. The automobile must undergo maintenance by an authorised dealer and possess a title that is free from any encumbrances. The Audi history is very commendable, and the car's trajectory can be easily traced.
There is almost little change between the facelift variants, save for the timing of the gearbox. In my own opinion, I have a preference for the pre-facelift version due to its much superior sound quality without the inclusion of OPF (Otto Particulate Filter). Equipped with an aftermarket exhaust, the sound quality surpasses that of a Huracan P.

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I appreciate the input and the kind reception from all of you. Following extensive study and consultations with over 15 dealers, I would like to present my latest discoveries.

To clarify, I must emphasise that the R8 is my ultimate aspiration in terms of cars. Since 2010, I have only encountered one instance of seeing and hearing it for the first time. Subsequently, I consistently display an image of a R8 on my desk as a constant reminder to exert more effort in order to get one. Now is the opportune moment.

I went to inspect the Performante. Perhaps this is a subject more suitable for another discussion, but the EVO proves to be a superior option due to its track-oriented nature, lightweight interior designed to minimise weight, and much less reliance on technological assistance. The salesperson advised me to choose for a pre-owned all-wheel drive EVO with a low mileage of 4000km. The automobile was quite remarkable and emitted a noise level comparable to that of a 2017 v10+. However, while being aware of the superiority of the EVO, I had an inexplicable inclination towards choosing the R8. In addition, the additional 50000 francs do not justify the performance increases (although they do justify the brand and more attention).

My perplexity on the disparities in performance between the 2019 and the 2021+ models arose from the following posts:

    The launch control of the Gen 2 has encountered a failure. On page 2, @4RINGS said, "I have consistently expressed this viewpoint since my friend purchased a 2020 model and we engaged in a drag race. My vehicle is a 2019 model, and the outcome was unfavourable. I completed the race in 10.4 seconds, reaching a speed of 132 mph, with a 0-60 acceleration time of 2.5 seconds. In contrast, my friend completed the race in 11.1 seconds, reaching a speed of 127 mph, with a 0-60 acceleration time of 3.1 seconds." Nevertheless, this particular edition of the vehicle is the North American variant equipped with a 610 horsepower engine. I presume that its performance may be significantly compromised compared to the original version, since it lacks 10 horsepower.
    Nevertheless, in the RS E-Tron GT, it outperforms the R8 V10 Performance Green Hell in terms of acceleration, namely in the 0-60 mph and quarter-mile tests. The individual making this statement also mentions that their own vehicle is an 18 V-10 Plus model. Apologies, I have also provided evidence demonstrating that such automobiles possess superior speed compared to the upgraded autos."
    Matt from carwow consistently achieved 10.7 second runs with the first facelifted R8 models, but now he achieves times of 11.1 to 11.2 seconds. Nevertheless, it is evident from the video that he achieves a time of 11.0 seconds with the rear-wheel drive (RWD) variant, which has a somewhat lower horsepower (although with heated tyres). Therefore, I infer that the disparities in performance are mostly attributable to the prevailing circumstances rather than inherent variations in the vehicles themselves.

Nevertheless, there are discernible disparities in the updated iterations (specifically referring to the European Union models alone).

    The 2019 and 2020 R8 models adhere to the Euro 6d-TEMP EVAL emission standard, as shown in this reference.
    The R8 models for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023 adhere to the Euro 6d-ISC-FCM emission standard, which is somewhat more stringent. Refer to the official technical data for further information.

I am uncertain about the potential impact of the more stringent pollution rules on the dynamic/performance mode, while they may have an influence on the comfort option.

Nevertheless, I have seen inconsistencies in the films, not limited to those produced by carwow.

    In this video, the Automann achieves a speed of 100-200 km/h in 6.7 seconds utilising a 2021 v10 performance spyder, which is 100 kilogrammes heavier (1695 kg versus 1595 kg) and has worse aerodynamics.
    Nevertheless, the individual seen in the video achieves a speed of 100-200 in 6.2 seconds during the first attempt, while the second attempt with the windows down takes 6.7 seconds.

Regarding my RS5, it achieves 100-200 runs (measured with dragy) within a time range of 8.9 - 9.5 seconds. Typically, it achieves a score of 9.3. In addition, my quarter-mile timings range from 11.5 to 11.6 seconds, while Matt from carwow consistently achieves a pace of 12.0 seconds with RS5s.

Therefore, I concur with @CCMONE's viewpoint that the disparities in performance may be attributed to negligible discrepancies and are mostly influenced by weather and tyre conditions rather than the characteristics of the automobile.

Next, the challenges I anticipate encountering are:

    The inefficient soft-limiter at 3500rpm. Only an ECU remapping can eliminate it, but modifying the software of a new automobile is also imprudent. I likely need a discussion with my therapist to see how I can come to terms with this.
    The OPF/GPF filters. An expedited depletion of the soul will resolve this issue and amplify the sound to a level equivalent to or beyond that of a V10 engine (hopefully). The audio in this video is quite impressive, and I hope it is also sufficiently loud. Has anybody have any experience with QS?

Ultimately, what is the purpose for documenting all of these specific particulars? Having seen several misleading or false posts/reviews, I have spent a considerable amount of time in vain. Therefore, it would be beneficial to consolidate all this information into a single thread, sparing others from enduring the same ordeal.

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Seriously, I believe you will bring significant worth to this discussion. I personally like individuals on this platform that possess comprehensive knowledge of their automobiles, including the distinctions between various years and models.

Furthermore, when reviewing my wager once again, it seems that you are indebted to me in the amount of 100 francs. You hail from Zurich, a city situated in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. However, in your prospective nation of residence, I believe the cost of a cup of coffee is around 100 francs. Therefore, you could just purchase a coffee for me over the next summer. During a conversation with my partner, we mutually agreed to revisit Europe for a chunk of the summer, with a specific intention to spend some time in Switzerland. During the previous summer, we spent some time in St. Moritz. However, I did not have the same level of affection for it as I had before. Consequently, I embarked on a road trip, seeing many ski towns, which I found to be really enjoyable. The following route is highly recommended for you to take once you get your automobile. I have always had a preference for spending summers in the mountains, and this particular route effectively linked together all the finest mountain communities, culminating in the magnificent Grimsel Pass.


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It seems to be an excellent concept. Kindly direct message me when the time approaches, and I will gladly arrange a meeting with you to provide you with a cup of coffee. I anticipate acquiring the automobile at some juncture during the month of August, hence it is possible that you may also get a glimpse of it...

Returning to our issue, I am presenting the official press material from the Audi media centre, which pertains to the introduction of the updated version. It examines all the disparities, however there is no mention of the engine being positioned 10cm lower. Another notable distinction I observed is that the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions amount to 302 – 297 grammes per kilometre (g/km). In the newest 2023 models, the emissions range from 297 to 293 g/km. It is important to note that greater emissions do not always indicate better performance.

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I inadvertently neglected to provide an update in this context. I acquired my automobile in September. Initially, I had intended to get the Tango Red vehicle, but ultimately I opted for the Mythos Black instead due to its more intimidating appearance.


Initial observations: The automobile is really quick. The RS5 is much superior in comparison. In frigid conditions and with the vehicle's tyres being cold, I recorded a time of 6.13 seconds for the 100-200 metre sprint. It is worth noting that the automobile had accumulated a mileage of 1200 km. That is an impressive time for a naturally aspirated vehicle with 620 horsepower. Given optimal circumstances, I believe I can get a time below 6.0.


Acoustics: The sound quality remains satisfactory despite the presence of the OPF. The greatest difficulty are the valves that stay closed up to 5000rpm (even if performance mode). Installing a new exhaust system should resolve this issue. However, I must admit that I have not had the opportunity to listen to the sound produced by a R8 equipped with an aftermarket exhaust.

The audio may be perceived in this video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/45GdyJRb1vGUkAJD7 (This occurred around 10 minutes after I initiated the car's ignition; it was not a cold start, but the engine had not yet reached its optimal operating temperature.)

I own a film capturing a tunnel during a speed run from 60 to 130 kilometres per hour. Here is the link to access the movie: https://photos.app.goo.gl/X6gk5xLZbgZvwg3U7

Next steps: Acquire the front lip, fins, and side skirts from the R8 GT and proceed to install a quicksilver exhaust system.

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Well done! Based on your budget, desired noise level of your R8, and patience, I just had the opportunity to visit the Secret Weapon facility in Sao Paulo a few weeks ago, and I am now their most enthusiastic supporter. The upcoming R8 exhaust, manufactured using 3D metal printing technology, is undeniably the most exceptional-sounding 5.2 exhaust I have ever encountered. The product includes headers and is priced more, but it also produces a sound similar to that of a V12 engine.

In my opinion, I had Quicksilver installed on my previous V8 engine and it produced the most pleasing sound among all the V8 engines I have encountered. I can only think that a V10 engine would sound even more impressive.

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