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Where may one get air filters?


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I own a 2011 V10 Spyder and just went shopping for air filters. Initially, I visited Amazon and acquired the ones specifically intended for my model. However, they turned out to be incorrect. Based on the state of the boxes they were sent in, it seems like they have been previously returned several times, most likely for the same reason.

I need filters with an extended end that can fit the sensor, as opposed to the shorter ones that do not have a sensor.

Upon doing a thorough search of several internet sellers, it was observed that, except from the K&N brand, all the displayed images depict the same incorrect filter.

This morning, I visited the dealer and discovered that they were charging $180 per filter, despite the fact that the same quality filter is available elsewhere for just $20. Furthermore, it would be necessary for them to place an order for the items.

In addition to considering purchasing the K&N filter, which I am likely to do, is there a reliable source where I can get the appropriate size OEM filter of high quality without having to pay the fee charged by the dealer?

Thank you.

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I own a set of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filters that are available for purchase. These filters are in pristine condition and have never been used. Please inform me if you have any interest in this matter.

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I ultimately located them on partsgeek at a cost of around $50 each unit. Despite my selection of the V10 filter, several vendors resorted to the V8 filter.
Replacing it doesn't seem to be difficult. However, I am certain that if I were to have my dealer do the replacement, it would cost more than $500. Therefore, the amount of money I save by doing it myself would cover a significant amount of my fuel expenses.

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