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If you were not aware of this.

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Stix Car Hire at Faro airport declined to rent a high-end, high-performance Mercedes to a driver due to their policy that prohibits anybody under the age of 30 from operating such a powerful vehicle. They offered a premium Mercedes with a less powerful engine, demonstrating their helpfulness.

The driver that rejected was Max Verstappen.

A representative from Stix expressed regret, acknowledging that "there are instances when rules should have been more lenient, and this may be one of those instances!"

In my opinion, this was a situation when it is justifiable for someone to assert their identity by stating "don't you know who I am?".

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I highly suspect that Max would not show any concern whatsoever. Even the swiftest and most powerful luxury automobile will seem as slow and feeble as an electric milk delivery vehicle in comparison to somebody of his calibre.

However, an amusing anecdote is worth mentioning.

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What is Stix? Are you referring to the car rental company Sixt?

I recall perusing an interview with Formula 1 drivers from years ago, particularly around the period when Senna was prominent. The prevailing opinion among them was that after a race, their bodies had such a substantial amount of adrenaline that they refrained from operating vehicles on public roads for a minimum duration of 24 hours.

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Having achieved the title of F1 World Champion three times, the individual in question unfortunately encounters a negative response from the computer.

It is bothersome when you have travelled to Faro with your friends using three private aircraft and rented a fleet of twenty high-performance automobiles for a few days of racing at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve racing track.

Fortunately, we no longer experience such occurrences!


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Verstappen was there in Portugal to engage in test driving several GT cars. He is establishing a squad in the GT series.
According to my reading, he had and operated three luxury vehicles: a Ferrari, a Porsche, and an Audi (specifically, the R8 model).

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Thank you for this! Excellent contribution!

"According to a spokesperson for the company, they remain committed to converting up to 90 percent of their rental fleet in Europe to electric vehicles within the next ten years."


"It has recently entered into an agreement to purchase approximately 100,000 BYD vehicles by the year 2028."

"The BYD rollout will commence in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK, with vehicles being introduced to the fleet this year."

This statement supports the previous claims of the successful eradication of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) in commercial use within a span of seven years. By the year 2030, 90% of the energy used will be electric.

As China competes with Tesla and expands its presence in the European Union, we may anticipate significant reductions in pricing and operational expenses.

Today, I conversed with a few individuals who have decided to get a Tesla Model Y due to its affordable monthly leasing expense of about £400. A £400 expense that is eligible for tax deduction. (This is in contrast to my recommendation that the Tesla is of poor quality)''

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