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Reluctance to accelerate - 730d e65


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Greetings, everyone.
I have had this issue ever since I acquired the automobile many months ago.
During acceleration, such as when exiting a crossroads, the automobile has a delay before starting to move.
It is vexing, and at times has approached becoming perilous!
Another instance is when you apply almost maximum power at the traffic lights, there is a little delay of around one second before the vehicle starts moving.
It exhibits same behaviour in sports, but the delay is not as significant.
Does this characteristic belong to the 7 series, or does it suggest a defect?

Thank you.

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This matter is increasingly vexing me.

Visualise the act of assessing approaching vehicles when exiting a crossroads, and the automobile moves at a very slow pace for the first two seconds, which is undeniably hazardous!

I will thereafter do a scan and subsequently publish the codes.

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