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Severe electrical malfunction

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On December 28th, while travelling in rainy conditions, our 2022 Sorento HEV4 model began experiencing a problem.

The vehicle autonomously initiated the selection of ECO mode repeatedly.

Subsequently, we saw that this switching was having an impact on several other functionalities, such as driving aids, reversing cameras, automatic high lights, and even the indicators were not operating. The controls on the driver's side door were rapidly flashing. Subsequently, the automobile initiated the activation of a comfort mode (which is not available in our vehicle's settings).

Therefore, due to the hazardous situation of flashing other vehicles with the high beam and not using indicators, we made the decision to halt our journey. We contacted the AA for assistance, but the prospect of waiting for three hours at 6am was far from ideal. Consequently, we opted to drive to the dealership, which was located 20 miles further down the road.

The individuals shown a lack of empathy. We arrived before to their opening hours and patiently waited for them to start operations. Subsequently, we straightforwardly requested assistance. Upon inspecting the automobile, they subjected us to a 2-3 hour delay and claimed that there were 18 fault codes, although they were unable to determine the specific issue. It has been more than a week since then and I have not received any communication.

Has anybody experienced anything similar?

I do not have access to a courtesy vehicle, and I am uncertain if they will assume any responsibility for the defects or if there will be any financial implications for us. Essentially, we found ourselves in a very alarming predicament, experiencing intense anxiety, as we were left stranded three hours away from our residence, which almost spoiled our New Year's vacation. Ultimately, we had to resort to renting a vehicle at a significant expense.

The car is currently under a financing agreement and there is still 1 and a half years remaining on the contract. The car was purchased brand new. Any suggestions, opinions, or other experiences would be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone.

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In my opinion, there are three alternatives available to you:

1. Contact the dealer to ascertain the specific actions they are taking (likely none), the estimated time for the repair, verify that it will be covered under warranty, and inquire about the availability of a courtesy vehicle. If, as anticipated, this issue was caused by water infiltration, it is probable that it has already dried out. In this case, the technicians will not be able to repair it directly, but they will reset the error codes and return the device to you. If possible, get a hard copy of the trouble codes for future reference.
2. Reach out to KCS and inquire about your vehicle, inquire about any comparable issues, and inquire about the possibility of expediting the process.
3. In the case of a leased vehicle, it is advisable to reach out to the leasing company and request their assistance. Since they are obligated to supply you with a working automobile, they have some responsibility for repairing it. At the very least, they may be able to provide some assistance.

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It seems to be a problem related to water entering the system. The product is sufficiently new to be protected by a warranty. If any issues arise within the first year, it is advisable to seek assistance from the RAC for recovery, since they provide a vehicle programme for such situations. Regrettably, if you choose to drive directly to the dealer, you will be subject to their discretion and I would venture to guess that their courtesy vehicles will likely be fully reserved for servicing appointments. However, if you purchased the automobile from the same dealer you drove it to, I am certain that they will feel obligated to go to great lengths and provide assistance. Nevertheless, if they possess a collection of trouble codes, it certainly provides them with a starting point. These kind of flaws might be the most laborious to uncover. It is advisable to contact Kia customer services in order to exert more pressure on the dealer. Furthermore, the dealer should have been regularly updating you as part of their standard procedure. If they have not shown the decency of contacting you for a full week, I would recommend directly contacting Kia customer care. Wishing you success.

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I appreciate all the responses. The Kia Dealer claims that the issue was caused by an excessive number of accessories, however I only own a dashcam (connected by a fuse extension) and a retractable towbar (which they installed).

Both components have been there in the automobile since I acquired it, hence I fail to see how they may potentially lead to any issues.

I am contacting the RAC to inquire about the pricing for an independent examination.

Do you have any more recommendations? It seems like an attempt to justify charging me, but I am uncertain about the cost at this point.

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If these accessories were provided and installed by Kia, there should be no concerns with interference from the can. It is probable that they have deleted the codes and have been unable to reproduce the problem. Without any codes indicating a specific issue (if that is the case), it becomes very challenging to pinpoint a particular circuit. Could you provide me with the list of codes?

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I plan to get a hard copy of the codes when collecting the vehicle, ideally tomorrow. Essentially, they informed me that they were unsure of the specific problem, but they saw that the battery had a low voltage. Consequently, they proceeded to recharge the battery and update the system software.

The faults are no longer reproducing, but my vehicle has been kept in a garage for over two weeks to dry out. I agree with many who suggest that water has entered the vehicle, which is concerning for me and my 4x4 off-road competent Sorento.

I have been burdened with a diagnostics cost of £144, but I suppose the situation might have been more unfavourable. I intend to use the services of an independent garage to inspect the wiring for the electric tow-bar, since it was installed by the dealership. If they have improperly connected a wire or failed to ensure its waterproofing, I will gather sufficient evidence to support my claim.

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As a little supplement...

I was just doing a study on the CAN BUS wiring system of the Sorento model from the year 2020 and beyond.

As previously said, the controls on the driver side door were flashing intensely, like the lights of the Blackpool tower. It is intriguing to note that the CANBUS interface is integrated into this wiring harness. Ebay listing: Sorento Driver Side Wiring Loom

I suspect that this was somehow exposed to moisture, which led to the malfunction. I will remove the driver's door panel to inspect it personally once I get the item back.

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