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Observed: W124 300D pickup vehicle.


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I was perusing the parking lot in order to see several W124 300Ds that were available for purchase.

Encountered this exceptional item and immediately decided to share it on the forum. I am unable to see the listing on the official website. However, the innovation is excellent.

The link to the parking may be located here; I discovered this listing on sur theparking-cars.co.uk - isn't it remarkable?

It is pleasant to see anything that is little unconventional. Impressive, in my perspective!


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Valuable information! The market for vintage pickups in South Africa is substantial. Is it possible that this particular item is an import from South Africa?

I am unable to access the Danish website, hence I lack any knowledge regarding the specific automobile. Unable to comprehend the description or any other content for an unknown cause.

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South Africa has a significant number of 'Bakkies' that were exclusive to the country and not available elsewhere. This specific vehicle, when equipped with a 3-liter V6 engine, proved to be rather challenging to handle, particularly on wet roads when there was little weight in the rear. There are no electronic traction aids or limited slip differential (LSD) in the vehicle, and it has a solid rear axle.

All of the vehicles were clearly right-hand drive (RHD) and, if stored in the highveld region of South Africa, they may remain free from rust even after many decades.

There must be some individuals that have migrated to this location. The P100 Sierra edition lacks the same level of iconic status as this one.

ZA is renowned as the birthplace of the Ford Capri Perana V8. An individual consumed red wine prior to making the decision to construct such objects.

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The Cortina pickups have a really remarkable aesthetic appeal. Matthewsons sometimes acquire them, and they are always instances from South Africa.

I was unaware that Mercedes-Benz produced vintage models such as the fin tail specifically for the South African market. One acquires fresh knowledge on a daily basis, it seems.

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Several matthewsons were up for auction two months ago.

Over the years, they have accumulated a significant number, but I believe this is the most quantity they have ever possessed simultaneously.

I also seen a crimson vehicle, as well as a vintage one some time ago. The cleanliness was exceptional.

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Many automobiles are converted into pickup trucks, but what I find intriguing are the instances when a manufacturer in a certain nation identifies a market need and proceeds to only produce pickup trucks for that market. Similar to Ford's actions in South Africa, MB...



Alright, everyone, we have discussed Ford enough at this point.

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