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There are several problems. 2016 C350e


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Seeking assistance, gentlemen.
I am in possession of a 2016 C350e vehicle and it seems that the suspension system is now fixed at its maximum height configuration.
The vehicle seems to resemble a 4x4 or pickup truck, and the ride quality is notably harsh.
The vehicle's suspension does not exhibit a decrease in height while operating in sport or sport+ mode, nor does it undergo any reduction in height when travelling at speeds over 35 miles per hour.
Each of the four corners has identical characteristics, with no discernible areas of lower elevation.
In addition to the aforementioned matter, which has persisted for a duration of nearly two weeks, the Command system has started a recurring cycle of rebooting as of today.
The display activates for around 30 seconds before shutting off and then restarting, returning to the first startup screen of the motherboard.
The duration for which the screen remains active is insufficient in the event that adjustments to vehicle settings are required.
Is it a mere coincidence, or is there a presence of common resources across these systems?

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To seek clarification, may I inquire if you have had this automobile for an extended duration or if you have just acquired it?

Furthermore, may I inquire about any preceding events that occurred immediately before to the aforementioned alteration that took place a fortnight ago? I apologise for the seeming banality of my query. Is this a lengthy journey? Navigating across flooded roadways. Did the individual transport a substantial amount of weight? Has the automobile been loaned to anybody else?

What is the mileage of the car? Was it serviced in the year 2023?

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I have been in possession of the automobile from its initial acquisition, since it was allocated to me as a corporate vehicle.
There have been no discernible incidents that may have initiated the occurrence, no extensive journeys undertaken, and no exposure to any instances of flooding. Moreover, the vehicle in question had maintenance procedures in June of the year 2023, performed by my customary independent service provider.
The only individual with whom I have interacted on this platform is my spouse, and even that encounter was just a casual encounter in a public establishment.
The vehicle has accumulated a total mileage of 48,600 kilometres.
Currently, I am seeing a malfunction alert that is displaying an orange outline of the vehicle, without any other information.
I experienced an additional alert, namely an auxiliary battery warning, although on a singular occasion.

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The only common concern that comes to mind is the occurrence of diminished voltage in the battery. However, it is important to note that the likelihood of success is uncertain, since the presence of low battery voltage might potentially lead to a range of other complications.

It is important to have the fault codes examined in order to address the issue effectively.

It is advisable to transport the vehicle to an autonomous expert who has STAR certification. In addition, the acquisition of an iCarsoft MB v3.0 is recommended for those with intentions of maintaining their vehicle over an extended period of time.

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Thank you for providing the information.
I have placed an order with an independent supplier for a new auxiliary battery for the figment device. It is anticipated that the battery will be delivered sometime this week. I will provide an update on the result after the replacement has been received and tested.

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