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The airbag unit from the M steering wheel may be retained without requiring any coding. Additionally, it should be taken into consideration that the installation of SA 248, namely the heated steering wheel, will result in the deactivation of the heating functionality.

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Indeed, it is the information I encountered on my F32 for a considerable period of time. Subsequently, I exchanged the aforementioned item, which had been used for around one year, for a pristine M4 steering wheel. The impetus for this decision stemmed from my desire to own a steering wheel equipped with heating capabilities, among other features. Furthermore, my preference for the original M wheels stems from my longstanding appreciation for the smooth wallnappa leather they have. The M Performance variant has enhanced traction and imparts a remarkable sense of command. In contrast, my F06 model has its original factory sport steering wheel, and I want to postpone any upgrades until it exhibits more signs of wear.

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Greetings, individuals.

I purchased Strasse wheels for my M6 some time ago; but, subsequent to their acquisition, I have had difficulties pertaining to air leakage and valve stem functionality. After the installation process, it was seen that the rear valves were in contact with the callipers. However, this issue was resolved by replacing the callipers with smaller ones. The location of the valve is situated in a very challenging position, making it arduous to access for the purpose of applying air pressure. Despite acquiring many TPMS sensors, the issue persists and remains unresolved. Could someone provide recommendations on enhancing the practicality of these wheels for convenient access to inflate them, as well as suggestions on how to reset the TPMS?



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