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I kindly want guidance on a pair of CLKs.


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I am a previous owner of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, specifically a 2014 C250 CDI. However, I made the decision to part ways with the vehicle a few years ago due to the issue of a stretched timing chain. Subsequently, the vehicle has been traversing the streets of Reno, wherever it now exhibits a notable electrical malfunction that results in abrupt and unanticipated engine shutdowns. I am currently unfamiliar with the subject matter, but I am contemplating the prospect of disposing of it.

I had a positive experience with my Mercedes-Benz vehicle, but, I am hesitant due to the timing chain problem associated with the OM651 engine.

I have seen both of these CLKs, which exhibit little mileage and fall inside the confines of my budgetary constraints.
I have a preference for the diesel option, but I find all options appealing. Is it accurate to assert that the one mentioned above would be the forerunner of the 651? If so, are there any significant concerns that I should be mindful of? Additionally, I am interested in the 3.5 petrol variant; however, I have come across information suggesting that certain engine numbers within this variant may be associated with significant troubles.

May I humbly defer to the collective expertise of this esteemed group and kindly request your insights on each matter? Are there any specific factors or considerations that should be taken into account? What is your opinion on the visual appearance of the subject in question?

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by posting in an incorrect section. Administrator, please feel at liberty to relocate the discussion topic.

This is my first contribution to the discussion, but I have been following the content for a significant period of time. I am a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast and possess a strong desire to get another vehicle from the brand, while adhering to my financial limitations.

We express our gratitude in advance.

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In my opinion, diesel engines exhibit a high level of durability and reliability.
The 280/350 petrol models from about 2006 (+/- 1 year) were reported to have encountered issues with the crankshaft. It is possible to get a list of engine numbers associated with the afflicted models on the internet.
Please verify that the vehicle had a transmission fluid replacement at around 40,000 miles.
Certain automobiles are now experiencing complications related to rear subframe rust, which occurs from the inside and progresses outward. It may be advisable to arrange for a thorough examination in order to assess the extent of the problem.
As evident, the taxation on petrol is much higher in comparison to diesel fuel.
It is important to consider that diesel vehicles currently do not meet the requirements of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London.

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Our organization operates a diesel CLC200 CDi vehicle with an 08 model year, which has accumulated a mileage of 180,000 miles without encountering any problems. Both the engine and transmission have shown exceptional reliability, since no faults have been reported so far.

It is advisable to attend many viewings, since the condition of the item is of utmost importance at its given age and price.

The chassis code indicated for the vehicle in question is W209. Conducting a search on the video-sharing platform YouTube is likely to provide a selection of informative films pertaining to the purchase of automobiles, specifically addressing prevalent issues associated with this particular model.

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I have personally owned and operated a 2005 CLK 220CDi vehicle from its first purchase, maintaining it for a duration of 13 years and accumulating a mileage of up to 150,000 miles, after which I decided to replace it. There are no significant concerns about the performance of the engine or gearbox, since they have shown exceptional durability and reliability. The only repairs conducted on the vehicle were the replacement of the thermostat, as well as the glow plug and relay.
The front ball joints required replacement on many occasions, while broken springs, intercooler hose issues, and brake disc and pad malfunctions were often seen.
Costly replacements often occurred after around 10 years, mostly due to damaged brake pipes and exhaust systems.
The primary drawback of my vehicle was the extensive rusting of the paintwork, despite having undergone the galvanization process, within a mere four-year period. If the object under consideration seems to be in good condition, it is advisable to verify if it has had recent respraying in order to conceal any potential issues.

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The engine in question, namely the 2.1 diesel variant known as om646, is very reliable and durable. The object emits a sound reminiscent to a tractor, however has an enduring capacity to operate indefinitely. Mrs. has a W203 C220 CDI vehicle, whereas I own a CLK equipped with a 270 CDI engine. Based on my analysis, I would choose for the diesel option. The vehicle in question is cost-effective to operate, very durable, and has a coupe body style without a central pillar, which, in my opinion, is aesthetically superior to its convertible counterpart. Additionally, it is equipped with the AMG package, providing an added advantage. The only modification required for perfection is the replacement of xenon lights. Throughout my professional experience, I have gained substantial knowledge and expertise in many tasks related to the 220 CDI. Therefore, please feel free to contact me if you need any specific information or assistance in this regard. I have also created other films that focus on the primary occupations within these fields.

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If one is using the unit of measurement known as miles, the utilization of diesel fuel is recommended.
If the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a requirement, then the V6 engine would be suitable.
The vertical roof structure may need some degree of care; nonetheless, it is anticipated to provide enhanced enjoyment throughout the summer season.
Both options seem to be visually appealing.

I owned a diesel-powered vehicle, namely a C-Class Coupe.
The performance was satisfactory and sufficiently efficient. I did not engage in the process of remapping it, nevertheless, it is possible for it to be remapped.

I previously had a 280 convertible vehicle, which I quite enjoyed. Fortunately, my vehicle was not affected by the problematic engine numbers associated with that particular model. However, due to factors such as the high road tax and my personal preference for a more powerful vehicle, I eventually transitioned to an E350 coupe.

These two autos exhibit notable differences.

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I like the qualities of the soft top, albeit its price is very high. Last year, I made a purchase of a 350, which has been a source of great satisfaction for me. Although I am uncertain if the engine falls under the category of those impacted, it is worth noting that the mileage is still below 50,000 and the performance remains very strong. If the vehicle has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and delivers a satisfactory driving experience, it would be advisable to proceed with the purchase, as it offers a substantial value proposition relative to its cost.

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The diesel variant in question is likely to be one of the latter models of the om646 series, renowned for its exceptional durability, as attested by others.
The petrol vehicle in question has a higher Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) due to its registration occurring subsequent to March 2006.
If considering a purchase within this particular price range, I would choose not to select one of the aforementioned options. Instead, I would choose to get the CLK500, an aesthetically impressive vehicle being listed by merc85 in the classifieds section of this forum. The M113 with a length of 500 meters is known for its exceptional resistance to explosive devices and has a decreased vulnerability to explosive detonations (VED).

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The automobile in question is aesthetically pleasing.
Upon seeing the current market value of the item on the online platform eBay, I have come to the realization that if I were not already in possession of the item, I would eagerly accept the offer at hand.

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