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Problem at DIS


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Greetings, everyone.

I am experiencing a problem with the Digital Information System (DIS) whereby it sometimes powers off without any discernible cause. The device has the potential to remain inactive for extended periods of time, only to resume functioning in an unpredictable manner. During the course of this week, I found myself situated in a line, whereupon I proceeded to engage with the electric windows. Subsequently, an occurrence transpired wherein the display ceased to function. When the device is turned on, it operates flawlessly without any display-related complications or other malfunctions. When the vehicle is deactivated, it also disables the telephone controls situated on the steering wheel.

I attempted to reactivate the device by using the switch located on the right-hand side of the lower portion of the device. However, this action proved ineffective in reactivating the device or eliciting any kind of reaction.

The observed phenomenon seems to be indicative of a power line fault; however, I am currently lacking the necessary knowledge or guidance to start the process of identifying and resolving the issue. I do not possess expertise in vehicle electrical systems, but rather possess a diverse set of talents as an engineer. Has anybody seen a such phenomenon or can someone direct me to a suitable resource to commence my research? The wiring diagrams that have been encountered so far have not proven to be especially informative.

I express my gratitude in anticipation.

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The garage has not previously indicated any issues, but, I may bring the vehicle in for further inspection and verification. The battery is an intriguing subject, since it is maybe the prototype battery. I am uncertain about the identification of the batch or date code. Do you have any insights or suggestions on this matter? Would it be beneficial if I were to include some visual illustrations in the form of photographs?

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The most optimal course of action would be doing an assessment of the battery efficiency, as opposed to attempting to ascertain its age. Halfords have the capability to do the aforementioned task. Purchasing batteries from Halfords, a retail establishment specializing in automotive and cycling products.
From which sources are you doing your search for battery prices?

I recommend doing a search on reputable online retailers such as Battery Megastore and Tayna to explore the pricing options for battery manufacturers that provide a four-year guarantee, such as Bosch, Varta, and Exide.


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Thank you for your response.

The battery pricing were obtained via a cursory online search, the specific source of which I cannot recall, maybe Amazon. The approximate cost of the Bosch comparable was seen to be about £250. I will visit Halfords to do an efficiency assessment.

I appreciate your continued contribution.

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Conduct a search on the online marketplace platform, eBay.

Car Parts Bargains, a subsidiary of ECP, offers the identical product for a price of £161.
The cost of the item from Parts in Motion is £171.
Please remember that I will be requesting a 10% commission based on the amount of savings achieved.


Postscript: It is worth noting that products in Market P typically experience a reduction of up to 20% at the end of each month. Therefore, it may be advantageous to wait for these discounts before making a purchase. 

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