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Considering the inclusion of a WOSP (Workplace Observation and Safety Program) beginning. I am seeking information pertaining to the electrical aspect.

I am use a negative ground configuration in conjunction with an alternator. The electrical system includes a 10g cable that connects the alternator to the current starting relay, facilitating the charging of the battery.

Is the stock relay/solenoid often used by the majority of users?
2) Determining the wiring configuration for the use or exclusion of the pre-existing relay/solenoid.

I express my gratitude for your assistance.

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The decision was made to retain the old starting relay/solenoid during the installation of the high torque starter. A readily producible "10G" jumper wire was necessary for the installation of the new starter. I wish you success in your endeavor with the WASP starter. I appreciate the recent advancements in starting technology, particularly the development of smaller and lighter variants that exhibit enhanced torque output.

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If the query is directed at me, I must clarify that in my previous article, when I said "high torque," I was speaking in a general sense. To be more precise, the appropriate term for the unit I was referring to would be a "pre-engaged starter." The source of my acquisition is British Starters, but, I am unaware of the specific manufacturer or the stated "torque" specifications.

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