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C220 limp mode, need your assistance


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One technician suggested that I try replacing the maf sensor, and when it didn't work, I went to a second mechanic who told me the same thing. Then you must have been instructed to use turbo. So, we've had the arms examined, and everything seems OK there; the next step, courtesy to the guy on this site, is to check the pipes, but then we'll have to pay for yet another diagnostic to retrieve the codes and (we assume) reset the vehicle. Thanks

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Probably not the ECU or the MAF, but the exhaust back pressure sensor. The exhaust back pressure sensor will fool many technicians into believing the turbo actuator is at fault, when in fact it isn't, and this is just one example of how code readers may lead to more complications in the car's operation. Instead of throwing away cash on a whim, you could invest in a Mercedes Star session.

A faulty ECU or maf is conceivable but unlikely to be the cause.

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I appreciate your advice and will have my husband check the pipes, but I will definitely schedule another appointment for my vehicle, this time with a Mercedes service center. The situation has worsened since some kind soul drove into my parked vehicle, but I have faith that things will eventually improve.
Again, I appreciate your assistance.

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