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Hoovie has a brand new, fake Maybach.

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Mercedes-Maybach had its highest sales year ever in 2016, delivering 21,600 cars (+37%) to satisfied customers. Initially, the company had hoped to sell half of all Maybach production in the United States (and not only the East). Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and notably China, where Mercedes-Maybach produced over 1,100 cars each month, were major contributors to this expansion.

1,100 USD per month in China!!!

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So began "the dumbest channel on all of YouTube," aka Hoovie's garage. To compensate for his lack of technical knowledge, he would go out and purchase the automobile that no one else would consider.

Now, his writing is completely different.

As a side note, he already had some "spare change" in his pocket when he launched his channel.

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