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Definitely a hmm, if not an eek. :)


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While Swmbo was getting the EV6 all set up, he had to utilize the vehicle quite a bit. truth be told, I haven't been providing enough care for my A205 Cab. I was just giving everything a once-over and saw this. Tires had been over-inflated (ugh) and I had lowered pressures a few months earlier, but with everything going on, I failed to notice that the center was degrading faster than it should have. Just Tires matched the lowest price found for 245/40 R18 97Y XL MO Continentals. The Friday morning timing is perfect. I've had an excellent experience with Just Tyres, and I'd recommend them.



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After taking my CLK to Mercedes for an inspection and servicing, I was informed that the front ball joints needed to be changed. I've had far worse. Before this, I had recently changed the front tires because they were worn almost completely across the tread. Mercedes did this by installing two new front tires and new ball joints. After six months, I drove to Tesco, left the front wheels locked, went shopping, and returned to find that although the outside edges of both tires still had plenty of tread, the inner edges of both tires had broken steel cables jutting out and were through to the canvas.

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